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Monday, 28th February 2011
Yamaha TSX-140 takes bored design back to the drawing board

Yamaha's unusual-looking TSX-140 tabletop alarm clock portable with clicky dials, slot CD player and iPod dock certainly isn't feature-shy.

This all-in-one, twin speaker music system packs in 2 x 15 Watts of power, playback of music files from USB and a combination of FM, DAB and DAB+ tuners.

With alarm wake-up, snooze and sleep functions and headphone socket, the Yamaha is aimed squarely at the bedroom - or is it? Actually, it would look just as good in the kitchen. You can also disconnect the supplied whip antenna and hook up a proper aerial, for the lounge, if you wish.

Annoyingly, the backlit station and CD display is located on the top of the unit, but illuminated yellow figures on the front of the unit at least allow you to view the current time (and chosen functions). The intelligent alarm builds to a preset crescendo, which aims to prevent you from waking bolt upright in shock on a Monday morning.

Station recall is made by twirling a dial to select from 5 FM and 5 DAB presets.

The Yamaha TSX-140 tabletop alarm clock DAB portable is available now, with a price tag of around £350.00.
Yamaha TSX-140 DAB alarm clock tabletop radio
top panel

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