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Onkyo CS-525 UK DAB micro system with FM and CD player

Yamaha CRX-D430 DAB receiver with CD

Yamaha are well know for producing quality, affordable hi-fi and the CRX-D430 is no exception. Packed with features, this neat and compact unit includes a built-in iPod dock.

The Yamaha served up a platter of exciting listens, even from the limited range of iPod tracks on offer and the option of headphones. The little jog control on the front of the CRX-D430 flicks backwards and forwards through the tracks on your 'pod and it's this control that also selects DAB stations.

The Yamaha is up against competition from the Denon D-M37 and Onkyo CS-525, however neither of these offers a cableless dock like this CRX-D430's integrated version.

If you can keep your mitts off the CRX-D430's tone controls, the Yamaha offers a sharp and exciting listen. Prefer a little more bass or want to trim the treble and the Yamaha obliges, but it's at its best leaving well alone.

The Yamaha CRX-D430 is available now at around GBP 189.00. It can be paired with Yamaha-branded or other speakers from other manufacturers.

For: Neat, built-in iPod dock
Against: Limited timer functions without alarm
Price: GBP189.00

Yamaha CRX-430 DAB receiver

Yamaha CRX-D430 DAB receiver

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