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Vita Audio R4 with iPod dock and USB music port

Be careful you don't do a double-take with this system - everything is housed in only one cabinet, but it produces a big, expansive room-filling sound.

The R4, on display again at this year's show, is a sonic stunner. The R4's 3D setting effortlessly fills the room and you'd be forgiven for thinking an extra pair of speakers might be hidden away somewhere - though you'd be wrong. The R4 caters for CD, iPod and radio listeners in equal measure, producing a really satisfying, punchy and dynamic sound through its built-in drivers and downward-facing ported subwoofer.

The R4 packs 80 Watts of power output and its CD and USB memory stick input handle MP3 and WMA formats in addition to standard audio CDs. The fascia panel of the R4 is rock solid metal, wrapped in a walnut veneer or a black or white gloss lacquer finish.

The iPod is likely to be the most popular source of music for this system and the R4 certainly doesn't fail to impress. Bass is weighty (and adjustable if you feel the need to reign it in) yet never overpowers. The twin drivers handle the midrange and treble beautifully, immersing you in sound.

A set of gold plated phono inputs and outputs are located on the rear panel, together with a telescopic aerial featuring an industry-standard F-connector for hooking up to an external dipole or similar.

The Vita R4 is available now for around GBP 500.

Vita Audio R4 iPod Integrated Music System
Vita Audio R4 iPod Integrated Music System

Vita Audio R4: an incredibly clear sound that belies the single cabinet design

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