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Saturday, 27th February 2010
Vita R2i demonstrates it's an award winner

We featured an exclusive preview of the Vita R2i prototype last year at Bristol Sound and Vision, but the Vita R2i iPod dock tabletop system is very much up and running away with the awards this time around.

A one-stop solution for playing iPod tracks, listening to wi-fi internet radio (when paired with an iPhone or iPod Touch over a broadband wi-fi connection) and tuning in to DAB (and DAB+ broadcasts, by the way) and FM radio, the Vita R2i is a neat and compact package, with a sound to impress.

With its bright, clear white-on-blue display and stunning build quality and finish, the wood or gloss lacquer-wrapped Vita R2i produces a big sound from a compact enclosure. With a port for the speaker enclosure on the underside, the unit also features gold plated stereo RCA phono inputs and outputs - should you want to add a CD player or connect to some active floorstanders - but crank up the volume and the R2i will quite happily produce fantastic results with whatever type of music you throw at it.
Vita R2i top view

Power output, though rated at a modest 2 x 10 Watts RMS, is ample to fill a small to mediumsize room. The onboard 3D sound processor compensates for the small distance between the speakers, produsing an expansive sound out front. Located on a sturdy shelf to prevent resonance, the Vita R2i shows off with plenty of bass and with a reigned-in treble that's not too tiring or harsh.

The Rotodial control takes a few minutes to get used to, but a card-sized clicky remote is well laid out for different functions, including two independent alarms to wake you in the morning.
Rear view of Vita R2i

The R2i caters for all iPod models manufactured from January 2004 onwards. iPod Shuffle and earlier models are supported by the front and rear audio inputs. The Vita R2i also supports and charges all iPhone models.

Weighing in at a sturdy 3.6kg and measuring 120 (h) x 340 (w) x 185mm (d), the Vita R2i would be ideal for a small living room, bedroom or kitchen and is available to buy now at less than GBP299.00.
Vita R2i DAB/FM music system with iPod dock

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Vita R2i DAB/FM tabletop audio system with iPod dock

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