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Saturday, 27th February 2010
Vita R1 returns with portable add-ons

Making a big presense on Vita Audio's stand was the R1 Mk II, an updated version of the wood-wrapped and glossy finish R1 DAB radio. The single-speaker R1 Mk II looks and sounds every bit as good as the original, albeit the range of finishes in now a round 4: white or black lacquer, walnut or a special edition yellow.

The leaner brother to the all-singing Vita R2i, the R1 returns with the optional extras of a rechargeable clip-on battery pack and a stitched leather protective case with carry handle.
Vita R1 Mark II fascia

Diminutive in stature, the Vita R1 Mark II, successor to 2007's R1, will quite happily wake you up to one station and send you off to slumber with another. Kitted out with dual alarms (for both weekday panics or weekend slumbers), a light-dependant display dimmer (that can also be overridden) and both line-level audio input and headphone sockets around the back, the R1 MkII's warm sound is both appealing and suited to both music and talk stations. The R1 Mk II's improved display packs in more information and a larger digi clock, making it ideal for use on both a bedside table and kitchen worktop.

With its leather case - pressed on the side with the R1 logo - to protect it from knocks, the Vita R1 Mark 2's clean lines indicate an attention to detail in both design and construction.
Vita R2 battery view

With just the display sensor below, the speaker, the simple uncluttered design is the R1's selling point. A clip-on battery pack, available separately, gives around 16 hours' use before a power socket is required.

The R1 is expected to be available shortly, with a price tag of around GBP159.00. It's DAB and DAB+ compatible, so can be used abroad in places like Australia, where DAB+ broadcasts are standard. We'll keep you posted for when the Vita R1 Mark 2 arrives along with its accessories (price TBA).
Vita R1 Mk 2 in yellow and black, showing case

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Vita R1 Mark 2 with carry case