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TEAC CR-H700i network receiver with DAB reviewed at The Bristol Show 2012


TEAC's CR-H700i network receiver offers thousands of internet radio and DAB digital radio stations at your fingertips.

Our rating

5 wow stars out of five

The TEAC scores well on its versatility, covering both DAB and internet radio access.

Where to buy

You can buy the TEAC X-HM70DAB receiver from Amazon in a black finish.

TEAC CR-H700i DAB brings digi & web radio to hi-fi

Teac's CR-H700i DAB receiver is loaded up with AirPlay, which makes streaming music from your iPhone or iTouch a cinch.

There's plenty of interest here, with DAB, FM and internet radio. Frontier Silicon provide the links for stations' broadcasts. Playback from USB is up-to-date with AAC and Flac decoding alonsgside the more common mp3, WMA and WAV formats.

The CD player suitably impresses with its plethora of CD-Audio, CD-recordable and rewriteable, mp3 and WMA formats to calm any format fears.

Headphone, line-in and USB ports are sensibly located on the fascia and the overall well-crafted feel extends to the positive action of buttons and the damping of dials.

'Round the back there are separate co-axial FM and DAB aerial connectors, as well as 2 sets of RCS phono inputs, sub pre-out and RCA phono outputs.

Wireless internet radio is built-in, giving access to thousands of radio stations from around the globe via the Frontier Silicon portal; you can also plug in an ethernet cable if your router is nearby.

Power output is nothing to be ashamed of, either; with 2 x 40 Watts, the CR-H700i DAB provides more than enough power to fill a living room.

The clean styling and simplicity of the brushed aluminium front and side panels extend to the remote control, where you'll find sleep and timer functions.

Measuring in at 290 x 113 x 338mm, the attractiveness of a one-unit solution to radio listening, music streaming and CD playback gives the CR-H700i a winning edge. It's available to buy now.
TEAC CR-H700i DAB back panel
TEAC CR-H700i DAB fascia
TEAC CR-H700i remote control