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If you're looking for a small bedside radio and don't mind compromising a bit on sound quality, the Dreamtime 2's display should ensure you're woken when the alarm sounds, rather than from the light of the clock.

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The Dreamtime 2 is available from Amazon UK, John Lewis and Co-op Electrical.

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Waking is twice as nice with the Dreamtime 2

Roberts has gone for amber illuminated numerals on its compact Dreamtime 2. Its four stage display settings - that include a very dim "night-time" option - should answer any concerns with lighting up the bedroom.

The half-moon shape means the Dreamtime 2 takes up little space at your bedside.

Each of the two alarms can be set to combinations of weekday, weekend or daily settings. There's a "one-time-only" setting, too, if you need to get up at a specific time just once. The volume of the alarm rises to the required level, too.

The selectable brightness settings ensure your room isn't doused in unwanted light through the night. Adjustable sleep (up to 90 minutes) and snooze timers (up to 20 minutes in 5 minute intervals) are on hand. You can wake to DAB, FM radio or a buzzer.

With dimensions of 63mm(w) x 67mm(h) x 138mm(d), the Dreamtime 2 has a useful headphone socket for quiet times with cans. Being so small, the Dreamtime 2 is never going to produce an epic sound, but there's still 1 Watt of music power on tap - more than enought to wake even the most hardened of sleepers. It has a captive wire aerial to pick up stations.

Roberts Dreamtime 2 is available to buy now at under £45 - check the left-hand column for where to get one.
Roberts Dreamtime 2
Roberts Dreamtime 2 has amber numerals to avoid lighting up the room too much

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