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Denon D-M37 DAB micro system with FM and CD player

Denon DM37 DAB micro

If you're one of the millions that doesn't own an iPod, the D-M37 could be the system for you.

Of course, the Denon does have an optional slave dock that - along with the D-M37's remote control - can control the basic functions of your iPod such as shuffle and skip, but the Denon also has a flash USB memory socket on the front of the unit, which accepts high capacity memory. So, by transferring across music from a PC in MP3 or WMA format, the Denon D-M37 is ideal for playing downloaded tunes. It might take a little while to read all the files on a USB stick, but it's a handy way to have a library of songs on tap.

Solidly built, the Denon also fits a 3.5mm input to its uncluttered fascia and a headphone socket for after-hours listening.

Listening in to the Denon on some supplied 'phones and a "demo" CD, musically the Denon is authoritative but balanced - an all-round pleasing system. The speakers are now wrapped in a black ash finish, losing the cherrywood of the DM-35s, but there's still 30 Watts per channel on tap - enough oomph to fill a medium-sized room.

The Denon was quick to inform about the lack of signal on DAB, as the aerial wasn't plugged in, however its DAB and FM tuner, the usefulness of the USB socket and a CD player capable of reading MP3 and WMA formats makes this system an attractive proposition.

For: Lots of features - DAB, FM, USB socket and handy 3.5mm input. Big sound
Against: Black ash speakers are a little boring to look at
Price: GBP299.00

Denon D-M37 DAB micro system

Denon D-M37 DAB micro system

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