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Bristol Sound and Vision 2007 show report

Pure Legato II lifestyle DAB micro system

Pure Legato II DAB mini lifestyle system review

The Pure Legato II wins hands down on look alone - the stunning brushed aluminium fascia hugged by a curvy real wood veneer casing.

The number of features on offer is also stunning; the Legato II features Pure's ReVu pause and rewind functions to halt live radio in its tracks, while you go and answer the phone. The bright display and six surrounding context-sensitive buttons make skipping backwards and forwards through timeslipped radio a cinch.
Pure Legato II context sensitive buttons and display
Pure Legato II display showing context-sensitive buttons that are dynamically labelled

A single button gives access to the simple pause and rewind menu - just like using a CD player's skip and search functions - while a separate record button takes care of storing radio programmes on an SD card or sending the audio via an optical digital output to another recording device, such as a MiniDisc recorder.

The Legato II is an ideal radio recorder - using the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) broadcast by several multiplexes including the BBC's, programmes can be set to record onto SD card or sent to the optical output in real time.

Scheduling recordings is simplicity itself - the context sensitive buttons scroll through channels on the current multiplex and page through the next seven days' EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) listings. A press of the record button sets one of twenty recording timers available (these also double up as alarm timers).
Pure Legato II showing glowing front panel
Pure Legato II front panel with glowing SD card slot

EPG information can be stored in a separate folder on an SD card if desired, so that information for each multiplex is available to hand straight away. This saves waiting for the data to download to the Legato II each time a different multiplex is selected.

A reassuring, futuristic glow indicates audio is being played from SD card. Alternatively, the CD player supports MP3 (but not WMA) playback, including ID3 tags and - hooray - .m3u playlists created by software such as WinAmp. Again, the CD player slot glows when a CD is playing.

A handy front-mounted input socket on the Pure Legato II allows connection of an MP3 player or MiniDisc, plus there are ample spare phono outputs around the back of the Pure Legato II for connection of retro tape decks or other audio equipment.
pure legato ii in piano black
Pure Legato II in piano black

The Legato II's large white-on-blue screen is easy to read, even from a distance, and DAB text makes use of the available space by scrolling vertically up the screen - a neat touch.

Bass and treble can be separately controlled. Tweaking both produced a warm, rounded sound. Jeremy Vine's phone-in on Radio 2 was given a new lease of life, while U2's Beautiful Day from SD card showed the Legato II's exceptional clarity and poise. If your preference is to reign in the treble, trimming is possible using the tone controls. Hi-fi purists may scoff, but we won't tell anyone.
Pure Legato II
Pure Legato II in piano black

Rated at 30Watts per channel, the speakers look absolutely superb, although it is possible to purchase the centre console separately if you want to try out the Legato II with existing speakers.

The Legato II is available in a glossy piano black finish or maple or cherrywood veneers. The cherrywood and paino black finishes are the two I would opt for.
Pure Legato II piano black and cherrywood finishes
Pure Legato II in piano black and cherrywood finishes

Overall, the Legato II offers an extensive list of recording and playback features that will enable radio enthusiasts to catch up with their favourite shows.

Find out where to buy the Pure Legato II lifestyle system online.

For: Lovely build quality and finish. Record and replay functions are simple to use. Support for MP3 playlists. Console is also available separately.
Against: Nothing that a tweak of the tone controls can't sort out
Verdict: A top-notch system with an array of exciting and useful recording and playback facilities
Price: GBP350.00 (maple and cherrywood finishes), GBP380.00 (piano black finish)

Find out where to buy the Pure Legato II lifestyle system online.


Pure Legato II lifestyle DAB/FM/CD system

Pure Legato II lifestyle DAB/FM/CD system Tech Spec

Tuner: Stereo digital radio with full Band III and FM reception. ETS 300 410 compliant and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 192 kbps. Supports FM RDS and RadioText.

Frequency ranges: Band III 174-240 MHz, FM 87.5-108 MHz.

CD Player: CD-R and CD-RW playback compatible. Support for 20 track audio CD playlist. Multiple playback modes (repeat, shuffle, etc.). MP3 & WMA playback, including support for ID3 tags.

Speakers: 4 Ohms (nominal) impedance. 10W RMS power handling. Two-way design. Treated paper mid-bass driver. Custom-tuned crossover. Rosewood finish. Removable grilles.

Input connectors: Two 3.5mm line-inputs for auxiliary devices. USB host port for flash-based memory sticks (key drives) and powered media devices. SD memory card support.

Output connectors: 3.5mm stereo output for headphones.

Controls: Power on/standby, clock/sleep, source, tune/select, menu, timer, info, presets, volume, play/pause, stop, fast forward, rewind and MP3 directory navigation.

Remote: Fully featured infrared remote control. Uses 2 AAA batteries (supplied).

Presets: 30 presets (10 DAB and 20 FM).

LCD Display: LCD display with 16 x 2 characters, plus additional function icons.

Mains power supply: 240V. Euro/UK power socket adapter.

Approvals: CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC).

Dimensions (mm): Unit - 140 wide x 150 high (280 with CD compartment open) x 230 deep (including controls). Speakers - 130 wide x 205 high x 160 deep.

Aerial: Wire dipole DAB/FM aerial.

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Pure Legato II - piano black
Pure Legato II in piano black finish

Pure Legato II - maple wood
Pure Legato II in maplewood finish

Pure Legato II in cherrywood finish
Pure Legato II in cherrywood finish