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Pure Evoke 2-XT DAB digital portable radio

Pure Evoke 2XT DAB digital portable radio reviews

Even thought the Evoke 2-XT was positioned on the next shelf down from the Evoke 3, it should hardly be seen as the underdog.

This What-Hi*Fi award winner sports new speaker designs and a handful of extra features over its predecessor, the popular Evoke 2. The display has been updated and icons indicating stereo reception and signal strength are now included, as are permanent time and waveband icons.
Evoke 2xt controls

An upgrade to the Evoke 2XT gives you the option of purchasing a removable battery ChargePAK, to save on conventional batteries. This is probably a wise move if the power-hungry Evoke 2 is anything to go by, but at GBP30.00 for the ChargePAK, sustainability doesn't come cheap - so shop around. Once fitted and charged, the pack will keep the Evoke 2XT going for around 15 hours.

The Evoke 2XT sounds great, with bass rich and plentiful, even though there's not a lot of air between the speakers to add a huge amount of stereo separation to the audio. For many DAB stations this won't be a problem, but for higher quality stations it's worth considering a combination of either the Evoke 1XT, Sonus 1XT and Tempus 1XT with additional speaker, if true portability isn't important.
Pure Evoke 2XT

Find out where to buy the Pure Digital Evoke 2-XT DAB/FM radio online.

For: improved display over the Evoke 2; sounds great
Against: ChargePAK rechargeable battery is an optional extra, though you could use your own rechargeables
Verdict: A truly portable radio with the bonus of stereo sound
Price: GBP149.00 or less

Find out where to buy the Pure Digital Evoke 2-XT DAB/FM radio online.


Pure Digital Evoke 2-XT Tech Spec


Stereo DAB digital and FM radio with full Band III reception for all UK DAB broadcasts. ETS 300 401 compliant and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 256 kbps.

Frequency range

DAB Band III 174-240 MHz; FM 87.5-108 MHz.

Alarm and timer

Alarm with station or tone setting. Countdown timer for kitchen use.


Two full-range 3" drive units.

Input connectors

9V DC power adapter socket (230V adapter supplied), USB (B type) for software upgrades, 3.5mm Line in for auxiliary devices.

Output connectors

3.5 mm headphone, 3.5 mm Line out (analogue), Digital out (Optical S/PDIF).


Power on/standby, DAB/FM/AUX selector, rotary Volume, rotary Tone, six preset buttons, rotate and push Tune, Menu, Light and Info. LCD display: 16 x 2 characters with status icons.

Mains power supply

230V AC to 9V DC external power adapter.

Battery power

Six size C batteries or ChargePAK (available separately). Battery life of 25 hours on standard alkaline batteries or over 15 hours with ChargePAK. Ultra low-power standby mode.


CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC).

Dimensions (mm)

290 w x 210 h x 120 d.


Removeable telescopic aerial supplied.

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