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Pure Chronos DAB digital clock radio

Pure Chronos DAB digital radio with alarm clock

About a thousand times more exciting than a Dairylea triangle, though approximately the same shape, the Pure Chronos features a large 16x2 character display, a headphone socket (providing stereo sound) conveniently mounted on the top of the unit and a dimmer switch at the rear edge of its triangular case. The low-ouput display setting is dim enough to allow the Chronos to be used by the bedside. Thankfully you won't have to hide this one in a drawer because it's creating a blue glow of UFO proportions, although the brighter LCD setting does mean that you can read the large display from across the room.
Pure Chronos view

The Chronos' futuristic silver-and-black casework hides no less than four alarms, which can be individually set to any combination of single, weekday, weekend or daily settings. Station selection, preset and volume buttons surround a large central snooze button and a sleep timer (adjustable by 5 minute increments up to 60 minutes) sits in front of the speaker cover perforations.
Pure Chronos display view

The Chronos' mono speaker will play suitably loud for heavy sleepers; in fact it may well wake up the entire street on its highest setting. Turn the volume down and the Chronos is ideal for its intended purpose. Bass is more than enough from such a small enclosure; I would certainly have no problem being woken by the dulcet tones of presenters on Five Live or Radio Four, while Classic FM and Chill sound neither too overpowering nor tinny.
Pure Chronos view of controls

The Chronos is supplied with a separate white AC adaptor and lead: this does mean the radio won't produce mains hum next to your bed.

Find out where to buy the Pure Chronos DAB alarm clock radio online.

For: Neat design, multiple alarm options, accessible mechanical dimmer switch
Against: nothing obvious
Verdict: A stylish DAB clock radio with the benefit of a sensibly-placed heaphone socket and huge display.
Price: around GBP79.99

Find out where to buy the Pure Chronos DAB alarm clock radio online.


Pure Digital Oasis Tech Spec


DAB digital radio with full Band III reception capability, for reception of all UK DAB broadcasts. Compliant with ETS 300 401 and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 192 kbps.

Frequency range

DAB Band III (174 - 240 MHz), with fast autotune feature. Alarm/Clock functions: Four alarm settings with station or tone selection and optional weekday, weekend, daily or once-only settings. Configurable snooze function and sleep timer.


Ten configurable presets. Optional automatic transfer of your ten most listened to stations to presets.


2.5" drive unit. Audio power output: 2W RMS (10% THD).

Input connectors

9V DC power input.

Output connectors

3.5 mm headphone socket.


Power on/standby, volume, tune/select, autotune, info, menu, sleep, presets, alarm, snooze and display brightness.

LCD display

Easy to read white-on-blue LCD with 16 x 2 character display and adjustable backlight. Power supply: 230V AC to 9V DC external power adapter. Low-power standby mode.


CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC).


190mm wide x 60mm high x 170mm deep.


Wire aerial attached.

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