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Pure DTM-300 DAB digital tuner system with CD

Pure DTM-300 DAB digital slimline desktop system review

Pure's DTM-300 slimline Desktop Micro System will fit neatly on a shallow bookcase or on spare kitchen counter space. The fascia of the DTM-300 is kept free of most functions, with just three buttons to select the source - DAB/FM, CD or AUX - located below the black-on-white backlit display. A push of the CD eject button on top and the CD cover slides neatly downwards, revealing the vertical-loading single CD tray. Load it up with an MP3, CD-recordable or CD-rewriteable disc and the DTM-300 won't grumble - it'll even handle something as standard as a normal audio CD!

A number of buttons along the top of the unit select presets, menu functions and such like, but head for the (rather cheap-feeling) remote and more functions, such as bass and treble controls, are revealed from behind a sliding panel - perfect for keeping errant fingers away.
pure dtm-300 DAB micro system

The useful AUX input lets you connect up an MP3 player, while there's an alarm feature to wake you up in the morning.
Pure DTM 300 display

The Pure DTM-300 certainly doesn't look like any of Pure's other systems - and it looks better in real life than I would have imagined. Syling is neat and functional, if a little dull compared to other systems, but the sliding CD cover, bright display and easy-access source keys are a great touch. Sure, the back of the unit is a little plasticky, but you'll never see it except to hook up to the stereo line-level inputs. Equally impressive is the sound, which again provides a few surprises.
pure dtm-300 remote control

Even on the 128Kbps Chill station, the soundstage is impressive, given that the speakers are fixed and separated only by the width of the CD tray. The unit plays loud enough to comfortably fill a medium-sized room, though bass won't be of ear-bleeding proportions unless you tweak the controls. As a second system for the bedroom - with the sleep timer - or kitchen - with the added bonus of MP3 playback - the Pure DTM-300 could well fit the bill.

Find out where to buy the Pure Digital DTM 300 DAB digital desktop/bookshelf system online.

For: Surprisingly big sound from such shallow speaker enclosures
Against: Remote control feels cheap
Verdict: Space saving and savvy, but the styling won't appeal to everyone's tastes
Price: GBP199.00 or less

Find out where to buy the Pure Digital DTM 300 DAB digital lifestyle system online.


Pure Digital DTM-300 Tech Spec


Stereo DAB digital and FM radio with full Band III reception for all UK DAB broadcasts. ETS 300 401 compliant and capable of decoding all DAB transmission modes 1-4 up to and including 256 kbps. Fast DAB autotune feature. Supports FM RDS and RadioText.

Frequency range

DAB Band III 174-240 MHz; FM 87.5-108 MHz.


6.5W RMS per channel power output (into 4 Ohms). Bass and treble tone control. Mute option from remote control.

CD Player

CD-R and CD-RW playback compatible. Repat playback modes. MP3 playback, including support for ID3 tags.


Separate woofers and tweeters in bass ported cabinet.


3.5 mm headphone output. Combined DAB/FM aerial connection. Dual phono for external line level audio input.


Fully featured infrared remote control.


Power on/standby, DAB/FM/AUX selector, Volume, Track/station selection, CD controls, Menu, and Info, CD eject/load.


240V with removeable Euro/UK power socket adapter.


CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC).

Dimensions (mm)

435 (w) x 280 (h) x 160 mm (d)


Bootlace aerial supplied.


Two years.

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