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Pure ONE Flow combined DAB/FM/wifi internet radio

Pure ONE Flow aims for affordability and portability

Styled on the award-winning Pure One Classic, the Pure ONE Flow adds wi-fi internet radio functionality alongside DAB and FM.

The Pure ONE Flow can be used here and abroad, thanks to its DAB+ and DMB-compatible chipset, which means you can, for example, take the radio to France or Australia and still be able to tune in to your favourite radio stations on digital radio.

If you're near a wireless router, you can stream a choice of more than 10,000 radio stations from across the world with the ONE Flow.

The ONE Flow links to Pure's own wi-fi internet radio portal The Lounge for access to thousands of streams in the UK and abroad, where you can also set up your own bank of wi-fi radio presets (favourites) and access podcasts. There's also access to the BBC's Listen Again streams with the ONE Flow supporting WMA (Standard V9), AAC, MP3, MP2 and Real Audio. You can also buy music directly from the radio and can be downloaded via the radio portal.

If you fancy taking your radio out into the garden, the optional ChargePAK E1 fits the ONE Flow and gives around 25 hours' use from a single charge.

The ONE Flow can be hooked up to an external micro system or larger hi-fi separates via its 3.5mm stereo out socket. You can also simply plug in headphones (and listen in stereo where the programme is broadcast in stereo).

The large green-on-black display shows station and streaming information - and there are dual alarms, a kitchen timer and a handy sleep timer.

30 DAB and 10 FM presets can be set, though these are accessed using controls rather than being a set of direct-access keys. FM RDS RadioText and Station Naming is also featured - handy when you want to catch up on a station you just can't stream or is not available on DAB.

With its 3.5mm audio input, the ONE Flow can also be used as a speaker system for your iPod or MP3 player.

Pure ONE Flow is available for under £ 90.

Pure ONE Flow
Pure ONE Flow connected wi-fi/DAB/FM radio


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