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Sunday, 16th October 2011
Pure One Elite stereo Series II gives you a double dose of DAB

Hot on the heels of a refreshed Pure One Classic Series II, the DAB radio specialists have waved a magic wand over the One Elite to give the radio pause, record and rewind functions.

The USP of the Elite Series II - Listen Later - allows you to save your favourite radio programme or show for playback when you want. The record feature, although nothing new (Pure's Evoke 3 is a good example of a radio with 'ReVu' pause, record and rewind features), has been refreshed for Autumn 2011 under a new Listen Later label.
Pure One Elite Series 2 DAB/FM radio
Pure One Elite Series II portable mains/battery DAB radio with FM reception

The radio stores up to fourty-five minutes of your favourite show on Radio 4, or about half an hour of a Radio 3 performance. The higher the bitrate of the station you wish to record, the less time available in the One Elite's internal memory.

The cover-all-bases timer facility on the Pure One Elite Series II allows you to schedule single or recurring weekday and/or weekend recordings. You could, for example, record a show daily and listen to it each evening. Or, you can pause BBC 6 music, for example, to answer the 'phone and rewind Amazing Radio to hear again a song title.

The recording timer facility on the Pure One Elite Series 2 is accompanied by an alarm clock to wake you in the morning to your favourite station or an alarm. There's a line-in socket for adding an MP3 player for playback through the One Elite Series 2 and bass and treble adjustment, for making minor tweaks to the radio's sound.

The obvious difference between it and the Pure One Classic Series II is the addition of an extra speaker, allowing stereo sound straight out of the box.

The Pure One Elite Series II DAB radio is available for the asking price of around £85 in a black or white finish from the end of November 2011.

Like the Pure One Classic Series 2, the only disappointment is the lack of memory expansion: there's no SD memory card slot, which would have enabled multiple recordings to be scheduled. For a closer equivalent of Sky+, search out the Evoke 3, which offers up to twenty separate recording timers.

However, for catching up on 6 music's weekly record review, the One Elite offers handy features and stereo sound.

Listen Later
Listen Later enables you to save your favourite DAB radio programme and play it back later. The programme is stored in memory while your radio is switched on, or in standby, until overwritten by another. The memory will hold up to about 45 minutes' worth of a typical broadcast and will stop when the radio's internal memory runs out of space.

Listen Later is ideal for fans of programmes such as the Archers, Just a Minute or Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, Dennis and Gnasher on FunKids, the Worship Hour on Premier Radio or the Wonder Years on Radio 1.

Dimensions for the Series II DAB are 256mm x 155mm x 88mm and the unit takes 6 "C"-size batteries or a C6L ChargePAK rechargable battery (not supplied with the radio). There's a headphone socket for quite moments.

The Pure One Elite Series II is available online right now at under £85.


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