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Sunday, 13th November 2011
Pure Highway 300Di in-car DAB radio - DAB's on the move

Missing your dose of credible music played by BBC 6 music on the journey into work? Or just want some classic tunes from Planet Rock to help you on your way? Pure's latest in-car DAB receiver should help sort out the aural mood for your commute.

Upgrading your car stereo is all very well, but unless your car has a standard DIN slot for a tuner, you can't really make use of the steadily growing selection of in-car DAB receivers.

Step forward, then, Pure Highway 300Di, which offers a tempting combination of a reliable, powered aerial (for better reception, and which doesn't require any holes drilled in your car's bodywork), simply-designed interface (for choosing stations on the move) and sturdy control unit (to handle the critical job of pulling in broadcasts).

Squirreled away in the glovebox, the gubbins of the Highway 300Di pair with a neat module that you can fix onto your car's internal air vents. The module contains all of the controls necessary to select stations and access presets and measures in at a compact 70mm wide x 53mm high x 27mm deep.

The main rotary control is a push-to-select affair, with surrounding pause, rewind and fast forward buttons. If you're filling up with petrol, hit the pause button and you can re-join the station without missing a song or traffic update (there's enough internal memory to store about 8 minutes' worth of broadcast while you queue to pay).
Pure Highway 300Di aerial
Pure Highway 300Di aerial fitted to windscreen - no holes required

There are even two tuners. While you're travelling from London to Manchester with lots of different, local stations broadcasting between the two cities, the Di silently uses one of its tuners to continually scan for and update all of the stations receivable as you travel through different areas. So you can never select a London-specific station while cruising around Coventry.
pure-highway-control-interface.jpg - 56158 Bytes
Pure Highway 300Di interface module

Radio stations are shown on the 300Di's high contrast yellow-on-black screen and, as it's an OLED display, it's crisp and clear - ideal for glancing across at from behind the wheel.

The receiver unit measures 150mm wide x 24mm high x 85mm deep and offers 3.5mm and USB sockets for connection of an MP3 or iPhone/iPod; later models of Apple's eponymous music player can be controlled through the module's dial and buttons.
Pure Highway 300Di package contents
Pure Highway 300Di in-car DAB tuner package contents

The Di connects to an existing car stereo via its 3.5mm AUX audio input socket, or to an existing FM aerial input or - like the original Highway - on a spare FM frequency, which is picked up by your existing receiver.

To avoid a tangled mess of wires once installed, Pure have sensibly teamed up with Halfords to offer a proper free-of-charge fitting service, from December 2011. The Highway 300Di will be available from spring 2012 from other car audio specialists and fitting will cost around £25.

The Highway, whilst not cheap, offers a much more professional way of getting DAB into your car. With many car audio systems integrated into the dash, the Highway offers a new upgrade path from analogue to digital radio.Pure Highway 300Di mounted to dashboard
Pure Highway 300Di with control interface mounted to air vents


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