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Pioneer Steez Z reviewed at The Bristol Show 2012


The Steez's mixing and mic features set it apart from any other stereo. Its design is unique, to say the least. It's ideal as a powerful stereo for dance classes. It doesn't have DAB or internet radio access built-in, but you can use your iPod or iPhone to download apps to give you access to internet radio streaming.

Our rating

5 wow stars out of five

There's nothing else like it in terms of design and mixing features

Where to buy

You can buy the Pioneer STZD10Z-R Steez Type Z from Amazon.

You can also find variations from Amazon, like the Pioneer STZD10T-G Steez Type-T and Steez headphones.

Steez's DJ mixing moves bring on dance-off comps

Pioneer's Steez-Z is a lump of a stereo. Reminiscent of the tape-toting ghetto blasters of the eighties, the Steez drags the genre into the present; a big, sturdy and loud music player with built-in iPod/iPhone dock.

Digital wizardry analyses your tracks copied to the Steez's 4 gig internal memory, from where battle commences. The 4GB memory is good for about 500 tracks. The Steez allows you to create non-stop mixes, adjust track tempo (without turning your tunes into the equivalent of Alvin and the Chipmunks) and set dance cues for your choregographical moves.
Pioneer Steez Z music docking system with mixing and DJ capabilities

The Steez teams up with other Steez in a DJ battle of mixes and beats (we think the key point here is to impress your friends with your DJ, rapping and break dancing skills).

On-tap is 2 x 10 Watts, plus a 20 Watt subwoofer and microphone input for beatboxes and rap. If there should be sign of rain, the Steez-Z is drip-proof and it plays mp3, WMA, AAC and WAV files.

The flip-down cover keeps your iPod or iPhone safe and the natty 3.5mm colour screen shows tempo and battle settings.

This portable bad-boy is one mean meachine, though it'll swallow 10 D-size batteries if you're away from 240 volts and is available only in red.

In reality, though, it's aimed at the dance instructor and street dance market, with lots of mixing, blending and rhythm matching magic to keep your dance class on its feet, or your mates happy in the yard. If continuity of music and rhythm is key, you could easily set up a dance marathon using the Steez, in style and with ease.

It is priced at £300 and there are variations under the Steez label. You can find out all about them in the left-hand column.
Pioneer Steez Type Z
Pioneer Steez Type Z in red
Pioneer Steez Type Z in red
Pioneer Steez Type Z battle buttons