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Onkyo CS-525 UK DAB micro system with FM and CD player

Onkyo CS-525 system featuring CR-525UKD digital receiver

The Onkyo CR-525 receiver offers very good value for money. There's a USB socket for playing tracks from a flash memory stick and an optional iPod dock for Appleheads.

Owners of other generic-branded MP3 players needn't feel left out. As well as access to a veritable library held on USB stick, there are spare line-level inputs hidden 'round the back for your player. Unlike the Denon D-M37, the Onkyo CS-525 doesn't feature WMA playback, so all tracks must be converted to MP3 format - even those burnt to CD.

Nevertheless, the Onkyo is a stunning performer. With a CD in the tray, some Sennheiser 'phones and the volume cranked up to blot out background noise, the Onkyo is in a different class for the money. Classical music was open and detailed, pop and rock solid and meaty and overall the Onkyo comes across as an excellent choice for all types of music.

Yes, you can adjust treble and bass settings or opt for the "direct" setting but the "direct" bypass button, which gives the most balanced output and serves up the sound as it is meant to be, was for this reviewer the better option.

The Onkyo CR-525 receiver is available with or without the matching D-525 speakers in black.

For: Impressive sound and lots of features for your money
Against: Nothing much
Price: GBP299.00 including speakers, GBP199.00 without

Onkyo CS-525 DAB micro system
Onkyo CS-525 DAB micro system

Onkyo CS-525 DAB micro system

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