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Bristol Sound and Vision 2007 show report

Onkyo CS-515 DAB hi-fi system

Onkyo CS-515 DAB digital receiver hi-fi system review

Onkyo's CR-515 DAB receiver makes its second appearance at the show. Suffering a little from DAB burble due to a naff piece of wire hanging from the back of the unit, it is nonetheless obvious the CS-515's status as an award winner is well-deserved.

Black is back, demonstrated by the Onkyo's brushed black aluminium finish, however, it is also available in a natural brushed aluminium finish, with or without speakers.

Tuned for UK's tastes - which I suppose means a less harsh treble than the Japanese version - the Onkyo CR-515 DAB receiver at the heart of the system showed no signs of waning after sampling 6 Music, Chill, The Arrow and more. Partnered with decent speakers, the '515 is engaging and involving.

It's a very good buy, being significantly cheaper than many of its counterparts. It does lack the recording faciity of the NAD 715, however most listeners will not miss this, preferring instead to invest wisely in speakers to bring out the best of the '515.
Onkyo CS-515 DAB digital system
Onkyo CS-515 DAB system

For: Very good sonics for the price
Against: Nothing much
Verdict: An affordable mini system that puts other pricier systems to shame
Price: GBP 299.00 or GBP 220.00 without speakers

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