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Station Identification: A big list of past and present stations
Following is a list of BBC and commercial stations with current and past names for the stations. You can locate any station using this list, even if it has changed name. Station names are given in reverse chronological order (that is, latest name to be used by a station to the left, oldest to the right). For more information on discontinued stations, see our Guide to stations off the air.

Press keys CONTROL and F now to search for a station within this page. Type one word only e.g.Orwell, then click FIND NEXT. Don't forget to specify an [UP] or [DOWN] page search.

County and town names are for guidance only. Corrections or additions are welcomed and can be sent via our feedback page. You are welcome to submit a nostalgia site/web page, but please let us know the main stations it covers and provide the full URL to the site/page.

96.3 Radio Aire (Leeds); aire 963; 96.3 Aire FM; The New 96.3 Aire FM; Radio Aire FM; Aire FM; Radio Aire 362

Airport Information Radio [discontinued] (Gatwick and Heathrow)

Alpha 103.2; A1FM (Darlington)

Argyll FM (Argyll)

107.8 Arrow FM (Hastings)

Asian Sound Radio (Lancashire)


107.9 Bath FM (Bath)

The Bay 96.9 FM (Lancaster); The Bay

Radio Borders (Scottish Borders)

Beacon FM (Wolverhampton/Shropshire); New Beacon FM; Beacon Radio; Beacon Radio 303

(BBC) Radio 1 (national); 97-99FM Radio 1; 1 FM; Radio 1

(BBC) Radio 2 (national); 88-91FM Radio 2; BBC Radio 2

(BBC) Radio 3 (national)

(BBC) Radio 4 (national)

BBC Five Live (national); (BBC) Radio Five Live; Radio 5 Live; Radio 5

BBC Asian Network (Birmingham/Leicester); BBC WM/Radio Leicester

BBC Radio Bristol

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire; BBC Radio Cambridge and Peterborough

BBC Radio Cleveland; BBC Radio Teeside

BBC Radio Cymru

BBC Radio Cornwall

BBC Radio Cumbria; (BBC Radio Furness); BBC Radio Carlisle

BBC Radio Derby

BBC Radio Devon (BBC Solent for Dorset; BBC Dorset FM)

BBC Radio Durham [discontinued]

BBC Radio Essex

BBC Radio Guernsey

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

BBC London Live (Greater London); GLR; BBC Radio London

BBC GMR (Greater Manchester); BBC GMR Talk; BBC Radio Manchester

BBC Hereford and Worcester

BBC Radio Jersey

BBC Radio Kent; BBC Radio Medway

BBC Radio Humberside

BBC Radio Lancashire; BBC Radio Blackburn

BBC Radio Leeds

BBC Radio Leicester

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

BBC Radio Merseyside

BBC Radio Newcastle

BBC Radio Northampton

BBC Radio Norfolk

BBC Radio Nottingham

BBC Radio Scotland; (BBC Radio Tweed/BBC Radio Solway opt-outs)

BBC Radio Sheffield

BBC Radio Shropshire

BBC Radio Solent

BBC Somerset Sound

BBC Radio Stoke

BBC Radio Suffolk

BBC Southern Counties Radio; BBC Radio Surrey/BBC Radio Brighton

BBC Radio Oxford/BBC Radio Berkshire; BBC Thames Valley FM; BBC Radio Oxford/BBC Radio Berkshire

BBC Three Counties Radio; BBC Radio Bedfordshire

BBC Radio Wales (BBC Radio Clwyd, BBC Radio Gwent)

BBC Wiltshire Sound

BBC WM; BBC Radio Birmingham

BBC WM Across Coventry & Warwickshire; BBC Coventry and Warwickshire; BBC CWR

BBC Radio York

103.4 The Beach (Great Yarmouth)

FM102 The Bear (Stratford-upon-Avon)

Beat 106 (Central Scotland)

106.3 Bridge FM (Bridgend)

96.4 BRMB FM (Birmingham); BRMB; 96.4FM BRMB; BRMB FM; BRMB

Broadland 102 (Norfolk); Broadland FM; Radio Broadland

The Buzz 97.1 (Wirral); MFM 97.1; Marcher Sound


95.8 Capital FM (London); Capital FM; Capital Radio 194

Capital Disney (regional digital radio); Cube; Fun Radio (working title)

Capital Gold (Birmingham); 1152 Xtra AM; Xtra AM; BRMB

Capital Gold (Brighton); South Coast Radio; Southern Sound;

Capital Gold (Kent); Invicta SuperGold; Coast Classics; Coast AM; Invicta Sound; East Kent Radio/Northdown Radio

Capital Gold (London); Capital Radio

Capital Gold (Manchester); Big 1548 AM; Lite AM; Fortune 1548

Capital Gold (Portsmouth and Southampton); South Coast Radio; The Gold AM; Oceansound

Capital Gold (South Wales); Touch Radio; Touch AM; Red Dragon Radio; CBC 221/GB Radio 230

Central FM (Stirling/Falkirk); Centre Sound

Centre FM (Staffordshire)

105.4 Century FM (North-West England); Century 105

106 Century FM (East Midlands); Century 106; Radio 106

100-102 Century FM (North-East England); 100-102FM Century Radio

CFM (West Cumbria)

CFM (Carlisle)

103 Champion FM (Bangor)

Channel Travel Radio [discontinued] (Kent)

Channel 103.7FM (Jersey, CI); Channel 103FM

96.9 Chiltern FM (Bedford); B97 Chiltern FM; B97; B97 Chiltern FM; Chiltern Radio - the hot fm; Chiltern Radio

97.6 Chiltern FM (Herts, Beds, Bucks); The New 97.6 Chiltern FM; Chiltern Radio - the hot fm; Chiltern Radio

96.9 Choice FM (South London)

107.1 Choice FM (North London)

Clan FM (North Lanarckshire)

Classic FM (national)

Classic Gold Amber (Norfolk); Amber Radio; SGR; Radio Orwell

Classic Gold Amber (Suffolk); Amber Radio; SGR; Saxon Radio

Classic Gold Breeze (Essex); Breeze 1359 and 1431; The Breeze; Essex Radio

Classic Gold Breeze (Surrey); Breeze 1521; Fame 1521; Mercury Xtra; Extra AM; Radio Mercury

Classic Gold 666 and 954 (Devon); Westward Radio ; Gemini AM; Devonair Radio

Classic Gold 774 (Gloucester); Severn Sound Classic Gold; Severn Sound SuperGold; Three Counties SuperGold; Three Counties Radio; Severn Sound

Classic Gold 828 (Hants); 2CR Classic Gold; 2CR; Two Counties Radio

Classic Gold 828 and 792 (Herts); Chiltern Radio SuperGold; Chiltern Radio

Classic Gold 936 and 1161 (Wilts); Brunel Radio; Brunel Classic Gold; GWR; Wiltshire Radio

Classic Hits 954 & 1530AM (Hereford and Worcester); Classic Gold 954 and 1530/Classic Gold Radio (Hereford and Worcester); Wyvern AM; Radio Wyvern

Classic Gold 1152 (Plymouth); 1152 Plymouth Sound AM; Plymouth Sound AM; Plymouth Sound

Classic Gold 1260 (Bristol); Brunel Classic Gold; Brunel Radio; GWR; Radio West

Classic Gold 1332 (Peterborough); WGMS (World's Greatest Music Station); Hereward Radio

Classic Gold 1359 (Coventry); Mercia Classic Gold; Xtra AM; Mercia Sound

Classic Gold 1431 (Reading); 210 Classic Gold Radio; Radio 210; Thames Valley Broadcasting/Radio Kennet (pre-launch names)

Classic Gold 1485 (Henley-on-Thames)

Classic Gold 1557 (Northants); Northants Radio SuperGold; Hereward Radio 1557

Classic Gold GEM (Notts); GEM AM; GEM 945/999; Radio Trent

Classic Gold Pulse (West Yorkshire); West Yorkshire's Classic Gold (West Yorkshire); Big AM; Classic Gold 1278 and 1530; West Yorkshire's Classic Gold; Great Yorkshire Gold; Great Yorkshire Radio; Classic Gold; Pennine Radio

Classic Gold WABC (Wolverhamton); WABC; Nice 'n' Easy WABC; Beacon Radio 303

Club Asia (London); 963/972 Liberty Radio; Liberty for London; 963 Liberty; Viva 963

Clyde 1 (Glasgow); Clyde FM; Radio Clyde

Clyde 2 (Glasgow); Clyde AM; Radio Clyde

Connect FM 97.2 (Northants)

Connect FM 107.4 (Kettering/Corby); 107.4 KCBC; KCBC 1548 AM; KCBC; KNBC

96.3 Coast FM (Rhyl); Marcher Coast 96.3; Marcher Coast FM;

Core (national digital)

County Sound 1566AM (Guildford); County Sound 1476AM; Radio Mercury; First Gold Radio AM 1476; County Sound Radio


Delta FM 97.1 (Haselmere); Delta Radio; Mercury FM; Delta Radio;

Delta FM 102 (Alton); Wey Valley Radio

Dream 100 (Tendring); Mellow 1557; Tendring Radio

Dream 107 (Chelmsford); 107.7 Chelmer FM

107.9 Dune FM (Southport)


96.4 The Eagle (Guildford); County Sound Radio; Mercury FM; The Eagle; Radio Mercury

East End Radio [discontinued] (Easterhouse, Glasgow)

Easy Radio 1035AM (London); Mean Country 1035AM; Ritz Radio 1035AM; Ritz 1035; Ritz Country 1035; Country 1035; RTL Country 1035; Country 1035

Essex FM; Essex Radio


Fen Radio 107.5 (Ely); Star 107.5; XCel FM

FM107.6 The Fire (Bournemouth); 107.6 The NRG

107.9 Fosseway Radio (Leics)

Forth 1 (Edinburgh); Forth FM; Radio Forth FM; Radio Forth

Forth 2 (Edinburgh); Forth AM; Max AM; Radio Forth

Fox FM (Oxford)

Fresh AM (North Yorkshire); Yorkshire Dales Radio (YDR)

Fusion Radio 107.3FM (South London); FLR 107.3


Galaxy 102 (Manchester); Kiss 102; Sunset Radio

Galaxy 102.2 (Birmingham); Choice 102.2; Buzz FM

Galaxy 105 and 106 (North East England)

Galaxy 105 (Yorkshire); Kiss 105

Gemini FM (Devon); Devonair FM; The New Devonair FM; Devonair Radio/South West 103 (opt-out); Devonair Radio
» DevonAir Radio Fantastic site about the predecessor to Gemini FM.
» DevonAir FM tribute site Remembering the presenters and sound of DevonAir FM.

GWR FM/96.3 GWR FM (Bristol and Wilts); GWR FM; GWR Radio FM; GWR; Radio West
» Radio West A set of personal impressions and information about Bristol's first radio station,
with presenter photos, logos and sound clips.


Hallam FM (Sheffield); The New Hallam FM; Radio Hallam

106.9 HertBeat FM (Hertford)

100.7 Heart FM (Birmingham)

Heart 106.2 (London)

Heartland FM (Perth)

102.7 Hereward FM (Peterborough); The New 102.7 Hereward FM; Hereward 102.7; Hereward Radio;

Home 107.9 FM (Huddersfield); 107.9 Huddersfield FM

FM103 Horizon (Milton Keynes); Horizon Radio 103.3


Imagine FM (Stockport); Signal FM; Signal 105; Signal Cheshire; KFM; KFM Radio
The 96.4FM frequency once used by Imagine in North Cheshire has been returned to Signal One.

Invicta FM (Kent); Invicta Sound; East Kent Radio/Northdown Radio

104.7 Island FM (Guernsey, CI); Island FM

Isles FM (Western Isles)

Isle of Wight Radio


107.6 Juice (Liverpool); Crash FM

Juice 107.2 FM (Brighton); Surf 107


Key 103 (Manchester); Piccadilly Key 103; Piccadilly Radio

107.6 Kestrel FM (Basingstoke)

Kick FM (Newbury)

Kingdom FM (Fife)

Kiss 100 (London)

Kix 96.2FM (Coventry); Kix 96; Radio Harmony

KLFM 96.7 (Kings Lynn)

KM FM 106 (Canterbury); 106 CTFM; 106 CTFM Radio; CTFM

KM FM (Medway); Mercury FM ; Medway FM

KM FM (Tonbridge); Mercury FM ; KFM

KM FM (Thanet); TLR FM

KM FM (Dover); Neptune Radio; The Sound (RSL)


Lantern FM (North Devon); Lantern Radio

LBC News 1152 AM (London); LBC 1152 AM; LBC 1152 ; London News Talk 1152AM; London Extra; LBC Talkback; London Talkback Radio; London Talkback AM; LBC News Radio; LBC Radio; 261 LBC News
» John Allen's site Nostalgia and information about several London radio stations,
including London Talkback and Radio London.

105.4 Leicester Sound; 105.4 Leicester Sound FM; 103 Leicester Sound; The New 103 Leicester Sound; Leicester Sound FM; Sound FM; Leicester Sound; Centre Radio
» Centre Radio and Leicester Sound A history of commercial radio in Leicestershire, with presenter info, jingles and information Life (national digital);

Lincs FM (Lincolnshire)

Lite FM 106.8 (Peterborough)

Lochbroom FM (Highland)

London Greek Radio

London Turkish Radio (LTR); Turkish Radio; WNK Radio


Magic 828 (Leeds); Radio Aire; Radio Aire 362

Magic 999 (Lancs); Red Rose 999; Red Rose Gold; Red Rose Radio

Magic 105.4 (London); Magic 105.4 Melody FM; Melody FM

Magic 1152 (Manchester); Piccadilly Magic 1152; Piccadilly 1152; Piccadilly Gold; Piccadilly Radio

Magic 1152 (Newcastle); Great North Radio (GNR); Metro Radio; Metropolitan Broadcasting

Magic 1161 (Hull); Great Yorkshire Gold; Great Yorkshire Radio; Classic Gold; Viking Gold; Viking Radio

Magic 1170 (Teeside); Great North Radio (GNR); TFM Radio; Radio Tees; Tees 257

Magic 1548 (Liverpool); Radio City 1548; Radio City Gold; City Talk; City Gold; 194 Radio City

Magic AM (South Yorkshire); Great Yorkshire Gold; Great Yorkshire Radio; Classic Gold; Radio Hallam

Mansfield 103.2; Radio Mansfield

Manx Radio (Isle of Man)

Marcher Gold (Wrexham); Marcher Sound;

Mercia FM (Coventry); The All New Mercia FM; Mercia FM (?); Mercia Sound

96.6 Mercury FM (St Albans/Watford); 96.6 Oasis FM; 96.6 FM; Classic Hits The New 96.6 FM; Oasis Radio

102.7 Mercury FM (Surrey); Mercury FM

Metro Radio (Newcastle); Metro FM; Metro Radio

MFM 103.4 (Wrexham); Marcher Sound

Minster FM (York); Minster Radio

Mix 96 (Aylesbury)

MFR & MFR 1170 AM (Inverness); Moray Firth; Moray Firth Radio

MusicMann (Isle of Man)


NECR (Inverurie)

Nevis Radio (Highland)

News Direct 97.3FM (London); London News 97.3FM; London First; LBC 97.3 Newstalk; Crown FM; LBC Crown FM; LBC News Radio; LBC Radio; 261 LBC Radio

Northants 96.6 (Northampton) ;Northants 96; Northants FM; The New 96.6 Northants FM; Northants Radio - the hot fm; Northants 96; Hereward Radio

NorthSound One (Aberdeen); NorthSound Radio; North of Scotland Radio

NorthSound Two (Aberdeen); NorthSound Radio; North of Scotland Radio


107 Oak FM (Loghborough)

Oban FM

Ocean FM (Portsmouth); Oceansound Classic Hits; The Light FM 96.7/Oceansound 97.5; Oceansound; Radio Victory

Oneword (national digital);

Orchard FM (Somerset)


Passion 107.9 (Oxford); Fusion Radio 107.9FM; Oxygen 107.9FM; Oxygen 107

Peak 107 FM (Derbs)

Pirate FM 102 (Cornwall); Pirate Radio (?)

Planet Rock (national digital)

97 FM Plymouth Sound; Plymouth Sound FM; Radio in Tavistock (opt-out); Plymouth Sound

103.2 Power FM (Southampton); Power FM; The Power FM 103.2; Oceansound; Radio Victory

Premier Christian Radio (London); Premier Radio

Primetime Radio

The Pulse (West Yorkshire); The Pulse of West Yorkshire; Pennine FM; Pennine Radio


96.3 QFM (Glasgow); Q96.3 FM; 96.3 QFM; Q96

Q103 (Cambridge); Q103 FM; Q103; CNFM 103; CNFM

102.4 Quay West Radio (West Somerset)

The Quay 107.4 (Portsmouth); Victory 107.4; Radio Victory (1999)


Radio Ceredigion (Aberystwyth)

Radio City 96.7 (Liverpool); City FM; Radio City

Radio Maldwyn - The Magic 756 (Powys);

Radio Pembrokeshire; Haven FM (working title)

Radio Tay (Dundee); Tay AM; Radio Tay

Radio XL 1296AM (Birmingham); Supa AM (working title)

Radio Victory (1975-86) [discontinued] (Portsmouth)

102.8 Ram FM (Derbs); Trent FM; Radio Trent

100-101FM Real Radio (Central Scotland); Scot FM

Red Dragon FM (Cardiff); Red Dragon Radio; CBC 221/GB Radio 230

Ridings FM (Wakefield)

Rock FM (Lancs); 97.4 Rock FM; Red Rose Rock FM; Red Rose Radio

96.2FM The Revolution (Manchester)

RNA FM (Arbroath); Radio North Angus

Rutland Radio


Sabras Radio (Leicester); Sabras; Sabras Sound; Sunrise East Midlands; GEM AM; Leicester Sound; Centre Radio

107.8 The Saint (Southampton); 107.8 SouthCity FM

Severn Sound (Gloucester); Severn Sound FM; The New 102.4 Severn Sound FM; Severn Sound - the hot fm; Severn Sound/103 Stroud FM; Severn Sound

SGR Colchester

SGR FM (Suffolk); SGR; SGR Bury; Saxon Radio

SIBC (Shetland Isles)

Signal 1 (Cheshire/Staffs); Signal Stafford (opt-out)/Signal Cheshire; Echo 96 9 (opt-out)/Signal Cheshire; Signal Sound

Signal 2 (Cheshire/Staffs); Big AM; Signal 2; Signal Gold; Signal Sound

106.9 Silk FM; (Macclesfield); Silk FM

100.4 Smooth FM (North-East England); Jazz FM 100.4

Jazz FM 102.2; JFM; Jazz FM (London)

Soul City 107.5 (Romford); Active 107.5 FM

South Hams Radio (Devon)

Southern FM (Sussex); Southern Sound

» This is ILR A look back at the start of Independent Local Radio in South East England.

107.5FM Sovereign Radio (Eastbourne); Sovereign 107.5; Sovereign Radio

Spectrum International Radio (London); Spectrum Radio; Spectrum 558

Spire FM (Salisbury)

Spirit FM (Chichester)

Star 106.6 (Maidenhead); 106.6 Star FM; Star FM 106.6; Star FM 101.6

Star 107.3/9 (Stroud); Star 107 (Stroud); 107 The Falcon; Easy FM (working name)

Star 107.1 (Ely); X-Cel FM

Star 107.2 (Bristol); Star 107.3; 107.3 The Eagle; Kute FM (RSL)

Star 107.5 (Cheltenham); 107.5 Cat FM; Cheltenham Radio; Boss 603; 603 Radio; CD603

Star 107.7 (Weston-super-Mare); 107.7 WFM; Breeze 107 (working name)

Star 107.9 (Cambridge); 107.9 The Eagle (Cambridgeshire); Red Radio 107.9FM; Cambridge Red 107.9FM; Cambridge Cafe Radio 107.9FM; Cambridge Community Radio (RSL)

97.2 Stray FM (Harrogate); Stray FM

Sun FM (Sunderland); Sun City 103.4; Wear FM

Sunrise FM (Bradford); BCR; Bradford City Radio

Sunrise Radio (London)

Sunshine 855 (Ludlow); Sunshine 819 (pirate)

Swan FM (High Wycombe); Elevenseventy; Elevenseventy AM; Radio Wye
Station invents new name in transition from AM to FM waveband.

Swansea Sound


2BR (Pendle/Burnley)

2CR FM (Hants); 2CR; Two Counties Radio

2Ten FM (Reading); Radio 210

TalkSPORT (national); Talk Radio; Talk Radio UK

Tay FM (Dundee)

TeamTalk 252 LW [discontinued] (National AM radio); New Atlantic 252; Atlantic 252; Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252
Station moves from chart pop, to dance and r&b (Atlantic), then to sports talk (TeamTalk).

Time 106.8FM (South London); Millennium 106.8FM; Millennium Radio; RTM (Radio Thamesmead)

107.4 Telford FM (Wrekin)

Ten17 (Harlow); 101.7 Mercury FM; Ten17

107.8 Thames FM (South London); Thames 107.8; 107.8FM Thames Radio; 107.8 Thames FM; Palace FM (working title); Kingston FM (RSL)

TFM 96.6 (Teeside); TFM Radio; Radio Tees; Tees 257

107.4 Tower FM (Bolton and Bury)

Trax FM (Doncaster)

Trax FM (Bassetlaw)

96 Trent FM (Notts); The New 96 Trent FM; Trent FM; Radio Trent


Urban Choice (local digital radio); Urban Flava (working title)


97.4 Vale FM (Shaftesbury); 97.4 Gold FM; Gold Radio

Valleys Radio (Ebbw Vale); Valleys Sound
Sometimes the presenter refers to this station as, simply, Valleys.

Vibe FM (East of England)

Vibe 101 (Bristol and Cardiff); Galaxy 101; Galaxy Radio - the hotter mix; (97.2 only: Galaxy Radio - the hot fm); FTP (For The People) Radio 97.2

96.9 Viking FM (Hull); Viking Radio

Virgin Radio (national); Virgin 1215

Virgin Radio (London); FM105.8 Virgin


96.4FM The Wave (Swansea); Sound Wave; Swansea Sound

Radiowave 96.5 (Preston and Blackpool); The Wave 96.5 ; Radio Wave

The Wave 102 (Dundee); Discovery 102

Wave 105; Wave 105.2 (Solent)
Station now makes use of the fact it also broadcasts on 105.8.

Waves Radio Peterhead (Peterhead)

Wessex FM (Dorchester)

Radio West Lothian [discontinued] (West Lothian); RWL 1368

West FM, (Ayr) West Sound FM; West Sound Radio; West Sound; WestSound Ayr; WestSound North; WestSound FM)

South Westsound FM (Dumfries); WestSound FM; South WestSound; WestSound South; WestSound Dumfries

WestSound (Ayr); WestSound Ayr; WestSound AM; WestSound North; WestSound 1035; West Sound Radio; West Sound)

Win 107.2 (Winchester)

107.2 Wire FM (Warrington)

102.4 Wish FM (Wigan)

107.7 The Wolf (Wolverhampton)

Wyvern FM (Hereford and Worcester); New Wyvern FM; Wyvern FM; Radio Wyvern (WYVN)


104.9 Xfm (London); Xfm


Yorkshire Coast Radio (Scarborough)

Yorkshire Coast Radio - Bridlington's Best (Bridlington); Brid 102.4FM; Brid 105 (working title)

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