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Radio news archive
January 2011 to December 2011

Smooth Radio Xmas
A Smooth move into Christmas
Missing some Christmas tunes to get you in the spirit? Smooth Radio Christmas has already started on DAB digital radio across England, Wales and Scotland and its website can be found here.

The station, playing nonstop Christmas music, is broadcasting on DAB digital radio and online until 26th December.

Listeners with a DAB radio may need to retune or rescan their radio to pick up the new station.
[Weds 2 Nov 11]

Absolute Radio 60s news item
Want Beatles, Stones and Motown? Absolutely
Launching on Tuesday 22nd November, Absolute Radio 60s will also play The Doors, Hendrix, The Who and loads of other bands with a rockier edge.

The station can be heard on local DAB digital radio in London, Ayr, Cardiff & Newport, Coventry, Exeter & Torbay, Swindon & West Wiltshire, Tyne & Wear, Teesside, Leeds, Humberside, South Yorkshire, Liverpool and Central Lancashire.

Listeners with a DAB radio may need to retune or rescan their radio to pick up the new station when it launches on 22nd November. Absolute Radio Classic Rock will drop to mono when the new station launches, which will also broadcast in mono.
[Weds 2 Nov 11, amended 4 Nov 11]

Absolute Radio 70s news item
The seventies were absolutely the best decade
Landing on DAB digital radio in London on Tuesday 29th November, Absolute Radio 70s will play popular tracks from Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Slade, T Rex, Jackson 5, Blondie, Sweet and David Bowie.

The station will focus on pop, soul, new wave and mainstream rock from the seventies.

Listeners with a DAB radio in and around London may need to retune or rescan their radio to pick up the new station when it launches on 29th November. Absolute Radio 00s will drop to mono when the new station launches, which will also broadcast in mono.
[Weds 2 Nov 11]

Kitsound KSPULSE news item
Kitsound PULSE sets internet, DAB and FM combos racing ahead
Kitsound PULSE packs internet, DAB, DAB+ and FM radio alongside music streaming
[Mon 10 Oct 11]

Revo K2 iPad docking tower
Revo K2's tower is its strength
New Revo K2 offers first iPad docking with internet, FM and DAB radio features in a tower unit
[Mon 10 Oct 11]

Pure One Classic Series II news item
Pure One Classic series II lets you listen twice or listen later
Pause, rewind and record features in a new portable mains & battery DAB/FM radio
[Sun 25 Sept 11]

Voice of Russia radio
Now Russia has a voice on DAB radio in London
Russian news and information station The Voice of Russia has hopped onto London's second DAB digi radio multiplex. The station is broadcasting on DAB digital radio in England's capital city.

DAB radio multiplex shuffling
DAB shuffle as Smooth swaps with rock service; alt rock in Reading
There has been a rejigging of stations on several DAB radio multiplexes during the last month. New rock music station NME Radio has joined local DAB in and around Reading & Basingstoke.

Smooth Radio can now be heard on local DAB in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow, with rock station Real XS taking its place on central Scotland's regional 'plex.

Listeners to the regional (stereo) flavours of Jazz FM in North-West England, London and West Midlands must now tune in to the national (mono) version of Jazz FM, available on DAB. The station has been replaced by classic rock station Real XS, originating from Manchester, in these areas.

Meanwhile, listeners in Glasgow (for the time being at least) now have two rock stations to choose from - Real XS on the regional digital radio multiplex serving the city or 96.3 Rock Radio. Jazz FM also disappears from the local multiplex serving Glasgow, replaced by Smooth Radio.
[Sat 10 Sept 11]

Pure One mini Series II DAB/FM radio
Pure launch revitalised One mini Series II
Sylish soft-touch finish and satin controls build on the award-winning One mini's reliability
[Sun 28 Aug 11]

Pure Move 2500 - DAB digital radio in your hand
Pure launch Move 2500 - new handheld DAB model
2500 features rechargeable battery, noise-reducing headphones and DAB+ compatibility
[Tues 16 Aug 11]

Real Radio XS news item
Real Radio XS to launch on DAB in clearout of Rock Radio name
Station rename gives green light to go on DAB across Manchester and North-West, but doubts cast about XS station duplication in Wales
[Sat 30 July 11]

Bay Radio news item
Bay Radio sweeps across South Wales and the West on DAB
Station serving Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot to join regional digital radio multiplex to increase coverage
North Devon DAB expansion from Exeter and Torbay approved
[Thurs 21 July 11]

Mountain FM news item
Mountain FM launches on regional South Wales DAB multiplex
Valleys-based music station heard as far west as Swansea across to Bristol on digi radio
[Thurs 21 July 11]

Sony CMT-CX5 dab lifestyle system
Sony's CMT-CX5 made for iPod/iPhone loads CD player & DAB+ tuner
Sony launches curvaceous wall-mounted DAB lifestyle system with built-in iPod dock
[Sun 17 July 11]

Sony G series DAB and wi-fi internet micros
Sony's get back to basic looks, but pack in wi-fi, iPhone & DAB tuner
Sony G series range features entry-level DAB micro, with wi-fi internet radio streaming later on
Pure Sirocco 550 wi-fi and DAB micro now shipping
[Sun 3 July 11]

Roberts Stream 105 wi-fi internet radio
Portable Roberts Stream 105: wifi internet radio listening in new places
New wifi radio runs on batteries for full portability in wifi hotspot area or tethered to home router
Pure ONE Flow wi-fi, DAB and FM radio at under a ton
Roberts 63i internet radio plays your CD collection, lets you dock your iPod
[Thurs 23 Jun 11]

Roberts Classic DAB
Roberts ClassicDAB offers quality and affordability
ClassicDAB mains and battery radio let's you listen to 6 music and Jazz FM in the garden
[Sun 03 Apr 11]

Jazz FM launches nationally on DAB digital radio
Karma chameleon reveals colours: Jazz FM launches nationally on DAB
Placeholder Karma has given way to Jazz FM, which can now be heard on national DAB digital radio up and down Great Britain. The station went live on national DAB on Monday, 21st March at midnight, broadcasting Dinner Jazz with Sarah Ward, The Late Lounge from 10:00pm Monday to Thursday nights and Jazz Breakfast with Nigel Williams.

Listeners with a DAB digital radio will be able to find the station Jazz FM National in the scrolling list. Or, perform an Autotune or re-scan if it hasn't already appeared.
[Mon 21 Mar 11]

Panjab Radio news item
Panjab Radio launches on DAB in North-East England
Panjabi language station, Panjab Radio can now be heard on DAB digital radio in the North-East region of England.

The station can also be heard in the West Midlands, Greater London and in West Yorkshire on DAB digital radio.
[Sun 20 Mar 11]

BBC Radio 4 Extra news item - BBC Radio 4 Extra replaces BBC Radio 7
BBC prepares to launch Radio 4 Extra as it drops Radio 7 name
New Radio 4 spinoff station, BBC Radio 4 Extra, will launch on Saturday, 2nd April, it has been announced. Proving this is no late April Fool's joke, the station will be running comedy series such as 'What's So Funny', a half-hour weekly look at comedy news, reviews and previews, to be broadcast at 10:00am on Friday 8 April.

Radio 4 Extra's Comedy Club will run six nights a week from 10.00pm to 12midnight and feature contemporary comedy, with comic guests.

'Ambridge Extra' will give listeners the chance to spend more time with Archers characters, giving more detail about the lives of the central characters within the radio drama.
[Sun 20 Feb 11]

107.2 The Breeze Bristol logo
The Breeze sweeps into Bristol
Eclectic and easy listening music mix station The Breeze is available on DAB digital radio in the Bristol and Bath areas from Valentine's Day, also launching in the place of Star Radio on 107.2 FM in the city of Bristol.
[Sun 13 Feb 11]

Jack FM logo
Jack FM - playing what they like on DAB in Bristol and Bath
Playing music from the last fifty years, Jack FM is now available on DAB digital radio in the Bristol and Bath areas.
[Sun 13 Feb 11]