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Radio news archive
January 2010 to December 2010

Absolute Classic Rock expands coverage area on local DAB digital radio
Absolute Radio Classic Rock can now be heard on local DAB digital radio multiplexes serving Cardiff & Newport, Exeter & Torbay, Bath & West Wiltshire, Coventry and Ayr.
[Weds 29 Dec 10]

Absolute Radio 00s
Absolute Radio 00s plays music from the start of the millenium
Absolute Radio 00s (noughties) is about to launch on the London II DAB radio multiplex. Coldplay to Keane, Eminem to Elbow, Arctic Monkeys to Amy Winehouse, Scissor Sisters to The Streets and Kings of Leon to The Killers, the station will play tracks from the first ten years of the millenium. It launches at 10am on 10th December and joins Absolute Radio, Absolute Radio Classic Rock, Absolute Radio extra, Absolute 80s and Absolute Radio 90s on DAB - both extra and 90s are available nationally on DAB.
[Tues 7 Dec 10]

Voice Radio news item
Community radio station brings a new Voice to Cardiff and Newport digital radio multiplex
Voice Radio, a community station currently broadcasting online for Caerphilly County Borough, will launch on local DAB digital radio serving Cardiff and Newport on 4th January 2011. A launch event will take place on Saturday, 8th January.
[Tues 7 Dec 10]

Absolute Classic Rock takes Gold's slots in Yorkshire and the North
Absolute Radio Classic Rock is taking over classic hits station Gold's DAB digital radio slots in Central Lancashire, Humberside, Leeds, Liverpool, South Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear and Teesside.
[Tues 7 Dec 10]

IBC Tamil logo
IBC Gujurati joins IBC Tamil on London III DAB plex
IBC Gujurati, a radio station providing news, information and music in the Gujurati language, is due to launch on London's 3rd DAB digital radio multiplex soon. The station joins IBC's Tamil service on the multiplex.
[Tues 7 Dec 10]

Pure ONE Flow internet-connected radio
Pure ONE Flow streams into town
Pure's latest DAB and FM radio also features wi-fi internet radio streaming and portability
[Tues 30 Nov 10]

Pure Twilight DAB radio with mood lighting
Pure Twilight starts your day with a warm glow
Pure's DAB and FM radio features daylight simulator and soothing sounds for slumber
[Sun 28 Nov 10]

Nokia DAB radio headset
Nokia DAB digital radio headset brings 6 music to the masses
Nokia's latest add-on for its Symbian 3-powered mobiles is a cool DAB adaptor control unit
[Sun 31 Oct 10]

Roberts ColourStream and Roberts Revival iStream wi-fi internet radios with DAB
Roberts ColourStream & Roberts Revival iStream offer 10,000 stations
Two new wi-fi internet radios from Roberts offer portability, iPod docking and touchscreen tech
[Sun 10 Oct 10]

French Radio London news item
French Radio London takes Smooth's London DAB slot
New station French Radio London serving the French community in London (surprising, that! Ed) is taking over the DAB digital radio slot currently occupied by Smooth Radio. Smooth Radio officially launched across the UK on Monday on the national DAB digital radio multiplex. French Radio promises music output covering a wide range of sounds from around the globe including coverage of gigs, sport and community events as well as interviews and debates.
[Tues 5 Oct 10]

Rock Radio logo
Rock rolls onto Yorkshire and South Wales & West DAB radio
With Smooth Radio launching across the UK, classic music station Rock Radio is launching soon on the regional DAB digital radio multiplexes serving Yorkshire and South Wales & Severn Estuary (West of England). The station broadcasts to Glasgow on 96.3 FM and Manchester on 106.1. It can also be heard on DAB in the North-East of England and throughout Central Scotland.
[Tues 5 Oct 10]

Take a Chance on DAB in Essex
New music station Chance DAB Radio is looking to bag a place on the local DAB digital radio multiplex serving Southend and Chelmsford, Essex. Giving unsigned bands a chance to hear their tracks broadcast alongside music from the last twenty years and current pop music, the station has been issued with a broadcast licence.
[Tues 5 Oct 10]

MuxCo news item
Revised date for Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester DAB launch
Two BBC stations and local services for the two counties are first in the revised list.
North Wales and West Chester licence local digital radio combined
Two Welsh nation radio stations and Dee 106.3 confirmed in revised line-up due for 2011.
Surrey goes it alone with dedicated local DAB radio multiplex
Sussex services see expanded coverage area as new local digital radio area is announced.
[Thurs 23 Sept 10]

Capital FM UK expansion logo
End of Galaxy: Capital FM to be rolled out across UK in hit music strategy
Red Dragon, Trent and Leicester Sound names to disappear in challenge to BBC's flagship youth station.
[Tues 14 Sept 10]

Roberts Sound 66
Roberts Sound 66 targets larger systems for 6
Roberts Sound 66 offers up DAB, FM, iPod docking in a compact tabletop system
[Mon 6 Sept 10]

NME Radio logo
NME Radio on Cardiff & Newport local DAB multiplex
Modern rock and heavy metal station NME Radio is back on, this time with new presenters Chris Blumer, Ben Evans and Owen Davies. It's now being run by Nation Radio owners Town and Country Broadcasting, so it comes as no surprise that presenters are shared between both stations. No news yet on which other multiplexes it may appear.
[Sat 5 Sept 10]

Absolute Radio 90s logo
Absolute Radio 90s goes national on DAB; on Cardiff & Newport local
Classic 90s pop and rock music station Absolute Radio 90s is broadcasting nationally for a five weel trial period from the end of August through to the end of September. It can also now be heard on DAB radio in and around Cardiff and Newport, South Wales. It's also broadcasting to DAB listeners in Bristol, Essex, London, Reading & Basingstoke and Swindon. Listeners with a DAB digital radio may need to perform an "Autotune" or re-scan to pick up the station. Absolute Radio 90s replaces dabbl in Cardiff & Newport, which is taking a break from DAB.
[Sat 5 Sept 10]

Pure Siesta Mi
Pure Siesta Mi is the DAB alarm clock for you
Pure's second DAB in its affordable range centres on radio for the bedroom
[Sat 21 Aug 10]

Revo Axis DAB/internet radio with iPod dock
Revo AXiS is as easy as X, Y and Z
Revo's new DAB, internet radio and iPod dock gives new direction to your musical tastes
[Sat 21 Aug 10]

Pure ONE Mi DAB/FM radio
Pure ONE Mi aims at the budget DAB radio market
Pure's new model is available now, ensuring there's a DAB radio for you with Mi.
[Sat 21 Aug 10]

Absolute Radio Extra
Absolute Radio Extra now available nationally on DAB digital radio
Live Premiership football commentary station Absolute Radio Extra joins national DAB radio this weekend, 7th August 2010. The station will also broadcast comedy and live music from festivals and gigs. It joins outlets talkSPORT, BBC Radio 5 Live and 5 Live Sports Extra on DAB digital radio for coverage and commentary of Premiership football matches for the 2010/2011 season and beyond. Listeners with a DAB digital radio may need to perform an "Autotune" or re-scan to pick up the new national station. The station officially broadcasts its first commentary on 14th August, but has launched a test channel on DAB radio ahead of its official launch.
[Sat 7 Aug 10]

Denon D-M38 DAB micro system
Denon's D-M38 DAB builds on success of award-winning micro
A new Denon DAB micro system is available for Summer 2010
[Sat 7 Aug 10]

Smooth Radio logo
Smooth Radio now available nationally on DAB digital radio
Melodic music station Smooth Radio has launched nationally on DAB digital radio. The station can already be heard on several regional DAB multiplexes, on DAB and FM in London and on DAB and FM in Glasgow. It broadcasts to several regions on FM, including the East and West Midlands, North-West and North-East of England. The station is set to lose its regional programming and presenters in England, when it transforms fully into a national station, by October 2010. Some locally-made programmes will continue for Scotland's Smooth Radio, based in Glasgow.
[Sat 7 Aug 10]

Sony DAB micros news item
Sony launches CMT-MX500i DAB micro with iPod dock
Sony CMT-BX77DBI with iPod dock and CD player
Sony CMT-FX-350 DAB micro with iPod dock and CD player
Sony CMT-FX-250 entry-level DAB micro system
A host of new Sony DAB micro systems is available for Summer 2010
[Sat 24 July 10]

Absolute Radio Extra news item
Absolute Radio Extra to launch with live football commentary
A new DAB radio station launches in August bringing 32 Saturdays of live Premiership action
[Thurs 15 July 10]

new DAB transmitters news item
BBC reveals more details about DAB transmitter build-out programme
Four transmitters to improve coverage within the M25 part of scheme for 61 digital radio txs
[Tues 13 July 10]

BBC 6 music has been saved from closure
BBC 6 music saved from closure
BBC Trust rejects management proposals to roll output into national stations 1 and 2
[Mon 5 July 10]

IBC Tamil logo
IBC Tamil eyes London III DAB slot
IBC Tamil, a radio station providing news, information and music for the Tamil community, is due to launch on London's 3rd DAB digital radio multiplex soon.
[Tues 2 June 10]

Absolute Radio 90s
London III to launch Absolute Radio 90s
Oasis and Blur, Primal Scream and the Chemical Brothers will all feature on Absolute Radio 90s, which is due to launch on DAB digital radio in London at 10am on Monday, 21st June. The station is setting its sights on playing 90s classics from the Britpop era and beyond. The station will take the place of Absolute 80s on London's second DAB multiplex. Absolute 80s can be heard nationally on DAB digital radio in England, Scotland and Wales.
[Tues 2 June 10]

Panjab Radio news item
Panjab Radio's time on national DAB shortlived
Panjabi station Panjab Radio is leaving the national DAB digital radio multiplex today, but will maintain its service online, on local DAB in Bradford & Huddersfield, the West Midlands' regional multiplex and on London's 3rd DAB multiplex. The station joined national DAB in December 2009.
[Mon 31 May 10]

New Fire Radio logo
All Fired up in Bournemouth and South Hants
Current pop music station New Fire Radio can now be heard on DAB digital radio in and around Bournemouth and South Hampshire, having recently joined the local DAB digital radio multiplexes for these areas.
[Mon 31 May 10]

Absolute 80s logo
Absolute 80s available across the UK on DAB
Eighties hit music station Absolute 80s has taken to the DAB airwaves on the national commercial DAB radio multiplex.
[Weds 19 May 10]

Smooth Radio logo
Jazz FM makes way for Smooth Radio in South Wales and The West
Melodic music station Smooth Radio is back on the South Wales and Severn Estuary regional DAB digital radio multiplex, taking Jazz FM's place.
[Weds 19 May 10]

Jack FM Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire takes Jack's hits
The station for Hertford, Ware, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield, Hertbeat FM, has relaunched as 106 Jack FM, playing current and classic hits from the sixties to the current day.
[Weds 19 May 10]

Muxco news item
MuxCo looks for stations to join DAB following revised broadcast areas
Local DAB multiplex op seeks expressions of interest with plans to begin launches by end of year
[Sun 9 May 10]

TWR logo
Christian station prepares to launch on North West regional
After bagging a space on the regional DAB radio multiplex last June, Trans World Radio launches on digital radio in the North-West of England on 1st April. Listeners in the region can find the station by performing an "Autotune" or "Autoscan" on their DAB radio.
[Weds 31 Mar 09]

DAB transmitter rollout 2010/11
Further rollout of national DAB transmitters planned for 2010 and beyond
More than 60 new DAB transmitters planned for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
[Weds 24 Mar 10]

Nation Radio Wales logo
Nation rejoins DAB
New and contemporary rock music station Nation Radio has rejoined the South Wales and Severn Estuary regional DAB digital radio multiplex, after originally disappearing from DAB on 27th July 2008. The station popped up again on DAB on 1st March 2010. It takes the place of classic rock station The Arrow and joins London's Xfm as the second new rock and indie station on the multiplex.
[Fri 5 Mar 10]

Save 6 Music facebook campaign
Possible closure of BBC 6 music
Don't forget to give your views on the closure of BBC 6 music and BBC Asian Network on national digital radio via the BBC Trust website, before 25th May 2010.
[Fri 5 Mar 10]

Sound and Vision - The Bristol Show 2010
Bristol Sound and Vision 2010 - new DAB & wi-fi kit and reviews
Our yearly outing to the South-West's largest hi-fi and tech show - full coverage here
[Sun 28 Feb 10]

DAB transmitter news
BBC national stations reach Stranraer in Scotland
New DAB digital transmitter brings 6 music and Radio 7 to the surrounds
[Tues 17 Feb 10]

Fire on Bournemouth DAB; Radio Plymouth on Plymouth DAB
Contemporary pop music station Fire 107.6 is due to join the Bournemouth local DAB digital radio multiplex shortly. New local station Radio Plymouth has also bagged a place on the local DAB multiplex serving the city of Plymouth. The licence was originally awarded to Diamond FM, backed by Australian investor Macquarie Bank, however the media regulator Ofcom was forced to re-advertise the licence several years later when Macquarie made a swift exit of the UK radio market.
[Wed 10 Feb 10]

DAB transmitter news
BBC national stations reach more parts of Scotland and Cornwall
Four new DAB digital transmitters in Cornwall, Dumfries & Galloway and Highland are turned on
[Sun 7 Feb 10]

Pure One pink DAB digital radio
Swappage scheme for DAB digital radio?
Taskforce investigating scheme to drive digital uptake with discount scheme for DAB
[Mon 01 Feb 10]

DAB transmitter news
BBC national stations sail into Windermere, Cumbria
Parts of the Lake District can now pick up the BBC's national digital radio stations
[Tues 26 Jan 10]
BBC switches on two new transmitters in January
Oban in Argyll & Bute and Rhondda in the Welsh valleys turn on to BBC national DAB digital radio
[Tues 19 Jan 10]

Pure Sirocco 550 news item
Pure Sirocco 550 micro waves hi to wi-fi internet radio and iPod
High-powered micro system first from Pure to feature DAB, FM, CD and wi-fi radio from the box
[Sun 10 Jan 10]