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Radio news archive
January 2009 to December 2009

Pure Oasis Flow
Pure Oasis Flow weathers the storm with DAB & wi-fi internet radio
Splashproof Oasis Flow radio gives you internet radio access outdoors in the garden
[Tues 29 Dec 09]

Pure Sensia DAB wi-fi internet radio
Pure Sensia Facebook application software update now available
Social networking app now ready for Pure Sensia as a software update over the internet
[Tues 29 Dec 09]

NME radio logo
Christmas sees launch of NME on national DAB
New rock and alternative music station NME is to launch nationally on DAB digital radio this Tuesday, 22nd December. The station, featuring the latest music news, up-to-the-minute gig-guides and exclusive live sessions can already be heard on DAB in London, however as part of a trial, the station is being made available to the majority of the population of England, Scotland and Wales on the Digital One multiplex.

To receive the new station, listeners should do a re-scan or autotune their DAB digital radio to register the new station and start listening.
[Mon 21 Dec 09]

DAB transmitter news
BBC switches on transmitters in the month of December
Truro, Keswick, Caerphilly, Monmouth & Dursley turn on to BBC national DAB digital radio.
[Sat 19 Dec 09]

Sanjhi Awaz Radio
Arrow makes way for Punjabi community radio station
Classic rock music station The Arrow is leaving the West Midlands' regional DAB multiplex shortly, following the news that Punjabu radio station Sanhji Awaz Radio is to begin broadcasting across the region. Musically, the station will play Punjabi, Bhangra, Hindi, Ghazals, classical, Bollywood and pop music and there will also be discussion and phone-in shows.
[Tues 1 Dec 09]

Panjab Radio and UCB UK
Dual in December - two new stations for national DAB multiplex
Christian Radio station UCB UK has joined the national commercial DAB digital radio multiplex alongside Punjabi station Panjab Radio today. UCB UK and UCB Inspirational can already be heard on several local and regional DAB digital radio multiplexes across England and Wales, where UCB Inspirational is set to continue following the switch of its sister station to national DAB. UCB UK can already be heard across Northern Ireland. Panjab Radio can already be heard in London and on the local ensemble for Bradford & Huddersfield.
[Tues 1 Dec 09]

Pure Evoke 3 radio fascia
Pure win hands down in quest to find top 10 amazing DAB radios
DAB and wi-fi radio manufacturer Pure have taken all ten places in a competition held by commercial multiplex operator, Digital One, to find the most amazing DAB digital radios. Visitors to the Digital One website were asked to pick from a shortlist nominated by "Stay in Touch" newsletter readers. Votes from five thousand listeners were collated and Pure took all places in the top ten. The Evoke 3, the "granddaddy of all digital radios" came out top. Testament to the leongevity and build quality of Pure radios, some of the finalist models are more than 5 years old!

The ten radios which received the most votes were:
1. Pure Evoke 3
2. Pure Highway
3. Pure The Bug
4. Pure One
5. Pure Evoke 1
6. Pure Evoke Marshall
7. Pure Evoke Flow
8. Pure Evoke 2
9. Pure PocketDAB 1500
10. Pure Tempus
[Mon 30 Nov 09]

Roberts SportsDAB 2 handheld DAB/FM radio
Roberts proves it's all cricket with SportsDAB 2 handheld
New Roberts Sports DAB radio features telescopic and headphone aerial for best reception
[Mon 23 Nov 09]

Roberts ZoomBox
Zoom, zoom, zoom with Roberts' DAB/FM CD stereo
Double-height display and a classic but unique CD portable stereo design from Roberts
[Mon 23 Nov 09]

Roberts Stream 83i wi-fi internet radio with DAB and FM
Roberts Stream 83i offers digital radio integration
Roberts' new Stream 83i brings you the best of all worlds - DAB, FM and wi-fi internet radio
[Mon 23 Nov 09]

LBC 97.3 logo
LBC joins multiplexes north of the border - discussed by Chill fans
London's Biggest Conversation, LBC, has joined Edinburgh and Glasgow's local DAB digital radio multiplexes in place of relaxing music station Chill. The station can be heard on regional DAB radio in England, but it is the first time a London-centric talk station has been broadcast to a different country. Edinburgh's speech station talk 107 closed in 2008, having been on-air for less than three years.
[Weds 18 Nov 09]

Absolute 80s
Absolute 80s to take on Xtreme DAB slot
New 80s rock ballads radio station Absolute 80s will take over Absolute Xtreme's digital radio slot on the London II multiplex in December. Eighties pop hits will be the order of the day, from Bon Jovi to ABC. Absolute's sister station, dabbl, playing tracks voted for by its listeners and live performances by rock artists, is also planning to launch on local DAB radio serving Bristol and Bath, Swindon, Reading and Basingstoke & Southend and Chelmsford, taking over the slots recently vacated by OurKindOfMusic. The station can currently be heard in London.
[Thurs 5 Nov 09]

Revo Heritage DAB/FM/wifi internet radio
Revo Heritage heralds a new wave of multi-format digi radios
The Heritage is the latest in a line of do-it-all DAB, FM and wi-fi internet radios to hit the shelves
[Thurs 29 Oct 09]

Radio regulator looks to press the button for multiplex swapping
Rationalisation of local and regional DAB multiplexes could pave way for national radio stations
[Mon 26 Oct 09]

Roberts ClassicLite
Roberts ClassicLite goes easy on the batteries
Roberts' new DAB radio boasts you can listen for up to 100 hours before a battery pitstop
[Mon 26 Oct 09]

MagicBox Nocturne XP-2 wi-fi DAB radio
A new DAB/wifi radio dawns - the MagicBox Nocturne XP-2
A new tabletop DAB/wi-fi radio has been launched with integrated iPod dock
[Mon 26 Oct 09]

Roberts Sound 80 news item
Roberts takes you back with the Sound of the 80
Roberts' new DAB tabletop model goes for more oomph with a 3-way speaker system
[Mon 26 Oct 09]

Revo Domino
Domino dancing with Revo's latest DAB and wi-fi enabled radios
Revo Domino is D1 for DAB listeners
The entry-level Domino D1 packs DAB, DAB+ and FM radio in a unique design
Thousands of stations spotted with the Revo Domino D2
Domino D2 dancing with access to over 11,000 'net radio stations and an iPod dock
Revo's knocking spots off hybrid rivals with Domino D3
Tipping the scales is the Domino D3 tech heavyweight with DAB, FM and wi-fi internet radio
[Mon 12 Oct 09]

Clarity car DAB radio
Clarity go from pocket to in-car DAB radio
An in-car DAB adaptor that uses a wired connection goes on sale in the UK
[Mon 12 Oct 09]

Our Kind of Music logo
If it's your kind of music you can get it online
Easy listening station Our Kind Of Music on DAB in Bristol and Bath, Swindon, Reading and Basingstoke, Southend and Chelmsford is leaving the digital radio platform and taking to the internet, where it will be available exclusively online. The station launched on the Reading and Southend multiplexes in 2005, with Bristol and Bath and Swindon following a year later. Listeners can tune in via a PC or choose a wi-fi internet radio if they want an alternative means of listening.
[Sun 11 Oct 09]

CE Digital logo
Chill, Galaxy and Heart get multiplex promotion
Gold, Xfm and Choice are all moving from London's first DAB digital radio multiplex, operated by CE Digital, to make way for Chill, Heart and Galaxy. Gold and Xfm will be moving to London II and Choice is being shifted to London III. CE Digital is owned by Bauer and Global Radio, with Global also having a share in London III. Chill, in particular, will benefit from a larger coverage area provided by London I. No date has been given for the planned switchover.
[Sun 11 Oct 09]

Galaxy 103.2 logo
Galaxy takes over the South Coast
Galaxy 103.2's sound will shortly be featuring on the local digital radio multiplexes serving Bournemouth, Exeter and Torbay, Kent, Plymouth and Cornwall and the Sussex Coast. The 103.2 service from Southampton is already on the South Hants multiplex. Previously a "generic" version of the station was broadcast.
[Sun 11 Oct 09]

Pure Sensia DAB wi-fi internet radio
Sensational Sensia brings touchscreen Twitter to digital music system
Pure Sensia adds social networking apps to DAB & wi-fi internet radio, with a large colour screen
[Mon 21 Sept 09]

Premier Christian Radio news First Christian station to go on national DAB - Premier
Premier Christian Radio has launched on the national commercial digital radio multiplex. The station, playing inspirational and uplifting music alongside Ministry programmes, is available to tune in to now. Listeners may need to perform an "Autotune" or re-scan to find Premier Christian Radio on their DAB digital radio.
[Mon 21 Sept 09]

Apple launches new Nano with FM radio tuner
Nano says yes to FM radio
Apple has finally added an FM tuner to its iPod Nano, together with pause and rewind functions
[Sun 13 Sept 09]

Pure Siesta Flow
Listeners wake up to internet radio with the Siesta Flow alarm clock
Pure releases its first DAB and wi-fi powered internet clock radio with a different alarm every day
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

Pure Chronos CD and iDock II announced
New versions of Pure's Chronos CD and iDock will be hitting stores soon
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

Roberts Elise
Roberts goes back to basics with Elise DAB kitchen radio
Roberts' new range includes charge-any-battery unoLogic and duoLogic eco-friendly models
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

Pure Elan gets a complete makeover
Pure adds pause and rewind to its kitchen model DAB/FM radio
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

Roberts Streamtime internet radio
Like listening to internet radio? Roberts says it's about Streamtime
Roberts Radio launches its first alarm clock internet radio
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

New Pure Siesta iDock caters for iPod owners
Pure wakes listeners with brand new DAB-enabled clock radio with iPod dock
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

Revo Ikon news item
Revo launches icon-driven music system with iPod dock
Revo launches Ikon - DAB & wi-fi enabled iPod dock featuring connectivity & touchscreen
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

sony cmt-z100dir
Sony CMT-LX40i DAB micro system and CMT-Z100DIR cater for pod users
Sony's latest hi-fi DAB range include connectivity for iPod users
[Mon 7 Sept 09]

The Arrow logo
Station hopping: Arrow bows off Yorkshire regional
All rock radio station The Arrow is switching from Yorkshire's regional DAB digital radio multiplex to a series of three local multiplexes for South Yorkshire, Humberside and Leeds. Xfm, which is carried on all three multiplexes, takes the station's place on the regional multiplex.

The Arrow is an outgoing brand of operator Global Radio and survives on other regional multiplexes serving England and Wales despite, for example, being totally unlistenable on the mux serving South Wales and the Severn Estuary due to problems with distortion - a situation that has persisted for at least six months.
[Sun 30 Aug 09]

Chill logo
Chill's ills
Chillout music station Chill has recently left the Wolverhampton and Coventry local DAB digital radio multiplexes. It is also making way for London's talk station LBC on the local multiplexes serving Edinburgh and Glasgow. Chill remains on the Birmingham and London's third digital radio mux. It can also be heard online at
[Sun 30 Aug 09]

Galaxy Radio logo
Another Galaxy - then another Galaxy
Galaxy has been lined up as the replacement for relaxing music station Chill. Galaxy will appear on the Bournemouth, Cambridge, Exeter & Torbay, Kent, Norwich, Peterborough, Plymouth & Cornwall, Reading & Basingstoke, Southend & Chelmsford and the Sussex Coast multiplexes this week, expanding coverage of the dance and r&b music station. It will also appear on the regional DAB multiplex for South Wales and the West of England - harking back to its Bristolian roots, where the station was first heard on 97.2 FM.
[Sun 2 Aug 09] [updated 4 Aug - Galaxy not on Bristol & Bath or Cardiff & Newport muxes]

Heart 96.3 logo
Heart Bristol reaches parts other stations cannot
Heart Bristol will be broadcast on the South Wales and Severn Estuary DAB multiplex soon, replacing the simulcast of Heart 106.2 from London.
[Sun 2 Aug 09] [updated 4 Aug 09]

Choice FM London
More Choice in Cardiff and Newport
Urban music station from England's capital, Choice FM makes its debut on the Cardiff and Newport local DAB digital radio multiplex, as a replacement for chillout music station Chill. It drops off the Wales and West multiplex as a result. It switches also to the Bristol & Bath local DAB multiplex.
[Sun 2 Aug 09] [updated 4 Aug 09]

Xfm London logo
Ex-South Wales station returns to regional DAB
Modern rock station Xfm returns to the DAB digital radio multiplex serving South Wales and the West of England this week. It switches from the Cardiff and Newport mux to cover a wider area, and will be a simulcast of the Xfm service from London. Xfm South Wales was sold in May 2008 after just six months on air and now broadcasts on FM as Nation Radio.
[Sun 2 Aug 09]

Chill logo
Chill: out
Relaxing music chillout station Chill is being taken off several local DAB digital radio multiplexes. The station will discontinue broadcasting on several Arqiva (previously Now Digital) and co-owned local multiplexes serving Bristol & Bath, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Cardiff & Newport, Exeter & Torbay, Kent, Norwich, Peterborough, Plymouth & Cornwall, Reading & Basingstoke, Southend & Chelmsford and the Sussex Coast.

The station was taken off the Nottingham and Leicester multiplexes earlier in the year and a request to remove the station from the Swindon multiplex was lodged at the same time.

The station continues on local multiplexes serving Glasgow and Edinburgh, London III and Birmingham. It can also be heard online at
[Thurs 30 Jul 09]

Muxco news story
MuxCo delays local DAB launches until 2010
DAB operator hopeful of West Chester and North-East Wales multiplex launch before 2009 close
[Mon 27 Jul 09]

Aquiva and Now Digital - DAB digital radio
The end of Now and the beginning of new services on DAB
Arqiva have completed the acquisition of the national DAB digital commercial multiplex previously operated by Digital One, a joint venture between Global Radio and Arqiva. The company has also taken full ownership of Now Digital's local DAB digital multiplexes, covering many parts of England. The national platform Digital One (or 'D1' for short) carries Classic FM, talkSPORT, Absolute Radio, BFBS Radio, Planet Rock, Fun Kids and Amazing Radio. Global Radio will continue to broadcast its stations on DAB as part of the deal.

Tom Bennie, CEO of Arqiva, said: "Digital One has always played a leading role in the development of DAB and in stimulating the market for DAB receivers in the UK. Arqiva now plans to invigorate DAB with new channels and services and as an independent operator we're in a good position to realise the full potential of the Digital One multiplex."
[Mon 27 Jul 09]

Pure One pink DAB digital radio
BBC switches on two new transmitters
Anglesey and Wharefedale turn on to the BBC's national DAB digital radio stations.
[Thurs 16 Jul 09]

TWR logo
Christian station prepares to launch on North West regional
Trans World Radio has bagged a space on the regional DAB digital radio multiplex serving the North West of England. The station will launch soon.
[Thurs 2 Jul 09]

Fun Kids radio station
Time for some Fun on national DAB digital radio
The station for children - Fun Kids - will launch on DAB digital radio for the summer holidays.
[Mon 15 Jun 09]

Heart is coming
Heart breaks tradition with heritage stations
A further nine radio stations are officially switching to the Heart format and name on 22nd June.
[Thurs 11 Jun 09]

Pure Sirocco 150
Pure's all-rounder works with iPhone, iPod, SD card and USB - oh and CD
Pure is back with a brand new DAB micro system with detachable iPod dock - the Sirocco 150.
[Mon 1 Jun 09]

amazing_radio.jpg - 8792 Bytes
Amazing station launches on DAB digital radio
New station playing tracks from unsigned bands has launched on DAB as Birdsong flies away.
[Mon 1 Jun 09]

Regional DAB
Regional divide on DAB: more national stations and more sharing
Ofcom looks at the bigger picture in its plans to overhaul local and regional digital radio multiplexes, with the potential loss of many local commercial radio stations.
[Mon 6 Apr 09]

Pure Highway DAB
Leeds and north Norfolk get power boost
DAB reaches further into areas around Leeds and north Norfolk as the Beeb switches on two new transmitters.
[Mon 6 Apr 09]

Heart banner
Shocked to hear Heart
The West, South Midlands and South-West of England hear their station change this Monday.
[Thurs 19 Mar 09]

Sound and Vision - The Bristol Show logo
Sound and Vision - The Bristol Show
A full round-up of DAB digital and wi-fi internet products on show at Sound and Vision 2009, including a first look at Vita Audio's R2i DAB-and-iPod integrated music system.
[Mon 23 Feb 09]

Digital One
Digital One hold January Sale
Rate cut to encourage national stations onto DAB digital radio.
[Mon 19 Jan 09]

DAB transmitter
Update on local DAB digital radio multiplex launches
Local DAB operator MuxCo has published a revised timetable for the launch of its multiplexes.
[Mon 19 Jan 09]

Pure i-10 Universal iPod dock
Pure i-10 now available for under GBP 30.00
Shipping now, Pure's new i-10 iPod dock connects to your Pure DAB radio with line (MP3) player input, such as the Pure One Mini, Classic or Elite. It also connects to your older Pure DAB micro system or any other radio with a line-level (auxiliary) input.
[Mon 19 Jan 09]

Roberts Ecologic 6
Roberts Ecologic 6
Saving face with the Roberts Ecologic 6 DAB alarm clock and its analogue dial
Roberts Ecologic 5
Roberts' latest DAB clock radio range offers a no thrills set for the bedroom
Roberts iDream
iDream, you dream... and then we're late for work. Could Roberts' alarm clock with iPod dock be the answer?
Roberts Sound 53
Roberts Sound 53
How to tune into the best sounds around - on radio, iPod and SD card
Roberts Sound 43
Roberts Sound 43
The Sound 53's brother packs DAB, FM and iPod playback into a neat tabletop unit
Pure Avanti Flow
Pure Avanti Flow
Let's see what's on the radio... Ah Heart, er Heart and errm... Heart. Does the Pure Avanti has the internet radio advantage?
Pure Evoke Mio
Pure Evoke Mio
Pure Evoke Mio oozes class, but at what price?
[Mon 5 Jan 09]

Heart label on a DAB radioHeart logo
The name game
Land of confusion? Global Radio is staking the future of nine radio stations on a rebrand to Heart in an attempt to attract big advertisers
[Sun 4 Jan 09]