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Radio news archive
September 2003 to August 2004

DAB expands into Winchester
The BBC has powered up a new transmitter carrying 6music and 1Xtra for Hampshire
[Sun 8 Aug 04]

Roberts goes rewind with its latest DAB/FM radio model
The new Roberts RD8 lets you pause and rewind live radio on the fly
[Fri 6 Aug 04]

BBC begins roll-out of English regions services online
The corporation is starting to stream its local radio stations in Egland over the web
[Thu 5 Aug 04]

Reading and Basingstoke local digital radio multiplex on-air
The Storm and Kiss join the DAB multiplex serving Reading and beyond
[Mon 2 Aug 04]

Intempo offer three new flavours of DAB digital and FM radio
The manufacturer has launched a new DAB radio available in three different finishes
[Thu 29 July 04]

Pure Digital builds on its success with the Evoke 1XT
Pure Digital has announced an early Autumn launch for its DAB-only mains radio
[Thu 29 July 04]

Samsung plans autumn launch of DAB micro with 5 CD changer
Samsung's MMZJ9DAB micro is the second in a series of new DAB micros launched
[Thu 29 July 04]

Ashford will receive its own local radio station next year
The town in Kent is set to launch its own radio station in 2005
[Thu 29 July 04]

Zeta Digital will launch simultaneuously across Cambs and Norwich
The USA top 40/urban music station, already on the net, is planning an autumn launch
[Sun 25 July 04]

Goodmans hits back with new DAB500 micro system
Goodmans offers a CD player, DAB digital tuner and alarm wake-up function in one unit
[Sat 17 July 04]

The car's the star of DAB digital radio with boost to signal
A new module allows the DAB signal to be boosted at the base of the aerial for robustness
[Thu 15 July 04]

New DAB module will support screens and digital programme guide
RadioScape's digital radio module allows radios to display an Electronic Programme Guide
[Thu 15 July 04]

DAB micro system's nothing like you've Scen9 before
Panasonic's SCEN9 multi-function DAB micro hi-fi system is now available
[Thu 1 July 04]

Samsung unveils DAB/CD micro system - now available
Samsung's multi-function micro hi-fi system features CD, tape deck and DAB/FM/AM tuner
[Sun 27 June 04]

LG Electronics storm in with CD micro system with DAB tuner
LG's first DAB digital-powered micro hi-fi system offers CD, cassette and 3 waveband tuner
[Fri 25 June 04]

Roberts launch new portable DAB radio that takes batteries
The new Roberts RD12 portable lets you take DAB stations out and about
[Fri 25 June 04]

BBC DAB cuts into corners of Cambs, Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk
A new transmitter covers areas of four counties with BBC DAB stations
[Fri 25 June 04]

Roberts takes on a fifties style with new RD10 retro DAB set
The new Roberts RD10 portable takes you back to another era - but still has DAB and FM
[Sat 26 June 04]

BBC national DAB covers northern Cumbria
A new transmitter provides coverage in and around Carlisle in Cumbria
[Fri 25 June 04]

Two new commercial FM licences advertised by radio regulator
Edinburgh and Blackburn will get new FM stations in 2005/6
[Fri 25 June 04]

Launch of Reading local DAB multiplex delayed by a month
And new transmitters are planned for Southend and Chelmsford and Norwich multiplexes.
[Tue 15 Jun 04]

BBC is sharing at Charing
Continuing its DAB digital radio coverage, the BBC powers up a new transmitter in Kent.
[Sun 6 Jun 04]

Newcastle and Gloucestershire get tuned in to the BBC's services
Expanding its transmitter network, the BBC powers up its digital-only stations in new areas.
[Thu 3 Jun 04]

Sharp joins DAB market with FV-DB1E DAB/FM radio
A new radio equipped with DAB, FM, alarm clock and sleep timer has hit the stores
[Mon 31 May 04]

Devon knows now they've brought BBC DAB to Exeter
A new BBC transmitter allows 6music, 1Xtra and BBC7 to be heard in and around the city
[Fri 21 May 04]

Fears OFCOM ruling could set precedent for data over sound on DAB
Ruling on DAB digital radio multiplex could pave way for delivery of content to mobile phones
[Sat 8 May 04]

BBC brings in new transmitter for North and South Ayrshire
A new transmitter allows 6music, 1Xtra and BBC7 to be heard across Ayr and the Isle of Arran
[Sat 8 May 04]

Kent's winning side brings in DAB digital radio
Invicta FM makes the move to DAB digital radio in the garden of England
[Fri 30 Apr 04]

Stoke-on-Trent signals new wave of DAB digital radio services
Staffordshire's local DAB digital multiplex is now up and running with new stations
[Fri 30 Apr 04]

Hold on Nottingham - we've got a live one on DAB digital radio
Nottinghamshire's very own DAB digital multiplex has gone live with new services
[Fri 30 Apr 04]

New station plans to turn South-West Wales town Scarlet
Radio Carmarthenshire-backed Scarlet FM is planning a launch for Llanelli later this year
[Mon 26 Apr 04]

Burnley and Cambridge receive DAB from the BBC
6 music, 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network gain coverage in two new areas
[Sat 24 Apr 04]

BBC powers up two new DAB transmitters in North West England
6 music, 1Xtra and Five Live Sports Extra gain further coverage thanks to two new transmitters
[Sat 17 Apr 04]

Beeb's stations drop onto local DAB multiplex in Swansea
BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales have joined the multiplex for the city and county
[Sat 3 Apr 04]

Kent sees DAB digital radio network expand with 4 new transmitters
Core, Planet Rock and now Virgin Radio in stereo make waves in Kent
[Thu 1 Apr 04]

BBC powers up new transmitter for Herefordshire
The BBC's array of national DAB stations arrives in Hereford, Ledbury and Bromyard
[Thu 1 Apr 04]

BBC switches on new DAB transmitters for Honiton and Keighley
Two brand new transmitters are bringing the BBC's stations to Yorkshire and Devon
[Thu 18 Mar 04]

May the forces be with you on digital radio in East Anglia
A new station is set to launch on Independence Day for listeners in Norfolk and Cambridge
[Sun 14 Mar 04]

Philips enters DAB marketplace with new DA1000 handheld
Royal Philips Electronics is now shipping its first DAB handheld incorporating FM tuner
[Sun 14 Mar 04]

talkSPORT bowls DAB listeners over with cricket coverage
The sports talk station is providing ball-by-ball coverage of matches on DAB digital radio
[Thu 11 Mar 04]

Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Norton move to Planet Rock
National commercial DAB stations can now be heard in Central Warwickshire
[Sat 6 Mar 04]

BBC powers up new DAB transmitter for central south Essex
The BBC's digital portfolio of stations comes to Chelmsford and Brentwood in Essex
[Sat 6 Mar 04]

Aria launches DAB data/digital radio receiver for PCs
The new USB-connected A-6000 device brings another DAB product for PC use
[Sat 28 Feb 04]

Digital radio to feature in future Samsung mobile phones
DAB digital radio could soon find its way into mobile phones, thanks to a new DAB receiver
[Sat 28 Feb 04]

71KW of extra power for national commercial transmitters
A large number of digital radio transmitters have seen a boost to their power in recent months
[Sat 28 Feb 04]

BBC turns on DAB transmitters in Devon and Aberdeenshire
Three new transmitters have recently been switched on carrying 6 music and BBC7
[Sat 28 Feb 04]

Tivoli display working prototype of Model DAB radio at show
Tivoli had their Model DAB on show at Bristol Sound and Vision 2004
[Sun 22 Feb 04]

How the new TEAC and Pure Digital DAB products square up
Fresh from the hi-fi event of the year, we take a look at recent products from TEAC and Pure
[Sat 21 Feb 04]

Radio-Now at Bristol Sound and Vision 2004
Keep up-to-date with a host of features reviews, gossip and news at the hi-fi event of 2004
[Fri 20 Feb 04]

Radio technologies roundup
A quick whistle-stop tour of some of the latest stories in the world of technology
[Thu 19 Feb 04]

Core, OneWord and Planet Rock arrive in Chelmsford
A new DAB transmitter carrying commercial stations has been switched on in central Essex
[Sun 15 Feb 04]

35 FM licences planned by commercial radio regulator
The new list has also picked out Bournemouth and Stoke for new FM radio stations
[Thu 12 Feb 04]

Planet Rock, stereo Virgin Radio & PrimeTime Radio come to Norwich
A new DAB digital transmitter has launched to serve Norwich and North-East Norfolk
[Thu 12 Feb 04]

BBC turns on Inverness
A new DAB digital transmitter is carrying 1Xtra, 6 music and BBC7 for listeners in the area
[Sat 7 Feb 04]

TNR welcomes in The Big Easy selection
Tyneside Net Radio has had a makeover and relaunches with a new name and tweaked sound
[Sat 31 Jan 04]

Swansea Waves in local DAB digital radio
The local DAB digital radio multiplex for Swansea brings Kiss and Smash Hits Radio
[Sat 31 Jan 04]

Saga, Totally Radio and Spirit FM no show on Sussex DAB?
Reports suggest three stations will not now be broadcast on the multiplex
[Wed 28 Jan 04]

National DAB stations see boost to power
Digital-only stations Planet Rock, Core, OneWord and Life reach further in fourteen areas
[Tues 27 Jan 04]

Sussex DAB multiplex goes live with services
The new local DAB digital radio multiplex for the Sussex Coast is preparing to launch
[Tues 27 Jan 04]

Swansea Sound starts up in stereo
The new local DAB digital radio multiplex is now testing in the city and county of Swansea
[Tues 27 Jan 04]

Roberts RD6 makes some noise in the DAB world
Roberts Radio's latest digital radio model finally hits the shelves with its quirky looks
[Sat 17 Jan 04]

Hitachi aiming for hit with DAB micro hi-fi system
Hitachi enters the DAB scene with its first DAB-enabled system for under GBP200.00
[Sat 17 Jan 04]

Swansea and Sussex Coast local DAB on-target for January launch
The two new local DAB digital radio multiplexes are on schedule to launch at the end of January
[Mon 12 Jan 04]

New DAB/FM kitchen radio offers two frequencies for under GBP90.00
The LaGIO R102 sports digital outputs, twin speakers and a dual-colour backlit display
[Sun 11 Jan 04]

Sky's no limit for all of Emap's eight digital radio stations
Emap's eight digital radio stations are now testing on the Sky digital satellite platform
[Sat 10 Jan 04]

Kerrang! drops digitally into West Midlands region
A version of the station is on DAB digital radio in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and beyond
[Sat 3 Jan 04]

Bush DAB alarm clock wins magazine Group Test
A cube-shaped alarm clock is joint winner of the What Hi*Fi portable DAB group test
[Sun 21 Dec 03]

TEAC launches SR-L30 portable DAB/FM radio
The modern-looking digital radio offers both DAB and FM in one box
[Sat 20 Dec 03]

Power of national DAB digital radio increased
Five transmitters have had their power increased to improve reliability of DAB radio signals
[Tue 16 Dec 03]

Perth, North Essex and Suffolk find a new sound on DAB digital radio
The national commercial stations from Digital One are now available in new areas of the UK
[Fri 12 Dec 03]

GMG drops Jazz FM in Manchester and Liverpool for new format
The regional station is set to disappear in Spring 2004 to be replaced by 100.4 Smooth FM
[Tue 09 Nov 03]

North Plymouth, East Cornwall and SW Devon get BBC DAB
BBC 6 music, 1Xtra and Five Live Sports Extra arrive in the area in time for Christmas
[Fri 12 Dec 03]

BBC plumps for Plympton for next DAB digital radio transmitter
Devon knows how they do it with the 19th transmitter of recent times to go live carrying BBC stations
[Tue 09 Nov 03]

TEAC Ref300 DAB reference system makes digital radio the focus
TEAC's new mini-sized component system features its T-H300 DAB tuner at its heart
[Sat 06 Nov 03]

Bush combined DAB package hi-fi system offers the lot
The new system combines an DAB/FM tuner, amplifier and CD player in one package
[Sat 06 Nov 03]

Bush introduces retro-looking TR3000 DAB portable
The quirkily-styled radio from Bush features both DAB Band III and a PLL FM tuner
[Sat 06 Nov 03]

Radio-Now celebrates 5 years on the internet
This website has been on the net since 6th December 1998, formerly as Mobile Listener
[Sat 06 Nov 03]

BBC national DAB digital stations in West Sussex and East Hampshire
The national commercial DAB radio stations are now available to listeners in a new area
[Sat 06 Nov 03]

Inverness, Hemel Hempstead and North London tune in to DAB
The national commercial DAB radio stations are now available to listeners around Moray Firth
[Sat 29 Nov 03]

Wider DAB coverage along South Coast and Kent by end of 2003
BBC transmitters ready to be powered-up include those in Weymouth, Dorchester and Ashford
[Sat 29 Nov 03]