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Wednesday, 28th December 2016
Why can't I tune into Planet Rock on DAB? Why is Jazz FM stereo silent? Why is there no sound on Fun Kids? I bought a DAB radio to listen to Absolute 80s, but where has it gone?

Having a few issues tuning into your preferred station on your brand new DAB digital radio? The reason could be that Planet Rock and Absolute Radio 80s moved home on DAB radio back in March 2016, with only 73 percent of listeners in the UK in the coverage area for the stations. You will need to retune your DAB digital radio to see if you can pick up the stations. The 45 transmitters carrying Planet Rock and Abs80s (Sound Digital [SDL] transmitter list) are given below:

  • Central London : BT Tower

  • North London : Alexandra Palace

  • London : Crystal Palace

  • southwest London & Surrey : Guildford

  • south London & East Surrey : Reigate

  • west Sussex : Truleigh Hill

  • Brighton : Whitehawk Hill

  • Kent : Dunkirk

  • northwest Kent : Wrotham

  • Chelmsford : Danbury

  • Bedfordshire : Bow Brickhill

  • Bedfordshire : Sandy Heath

  • Bedfordshire : Zouches Farm

  • Hertfordshire : Hemel Hempstead

  • Cambridgeshire : Peterborough

  • North Staffs : Alsagers Bank

  • West Midlands : Sutton Coldfield

  • West Midlands : Turners Hill

  • East Midlands : Waltham

  • Nottingham : Mapperley Ridge

  • Gloucester and Cheltenham : Churchdown Hill

  • Swindon : Blunsdon

  • Oxford : Oxford

  • Hampshire : Chillerton Down

  • Southampton : Toot Hill

  • Poole : Poole

  • North Hampshire & Wiltshire : Hannington

  • Somerset & West : Mendip

  • Bristol : Pur Down

  • Manchester and Lancashire : Winter Hill

  • South Yorkshire : Tapton Hill

  • West Yorkshire : Emley Moor

  • Lincolnshire : Belmont

  • Tyne and Wear : Pontop Pike

  • Teesside : Bilsdale


  • Edinburgh : Craigkelly

  • Glasgow : Glasgow Hilton

  • Tayside : Angus

  • West Lothian : Black Hill

  • Ayr : Darvel


  • North Wales and Cheshire : Moel y Parc

  • Swansea : Kilvey Hill

  • South Wales : Wenvoe

    Northern Ireland

  • Northern Ireland : Divis

Planet Rock and Absolute 80s are part of a bundle of other stations, including Union Jack, that launched on a different frequency - channel/block 11A on digital radio as part of a second tier of commercial radio stations covering around 73 percent of listeners in the UK. In the stations' previous home on Digital One's national D1 bundle, more than 95 percent of the population were covered.

Although the stations can be heard across large areas of England, parts of East Anglia, Cornwall and coastal parts of the South-East, including the Kent and Sussex coastline, are not in the stations' coverage area. Many parts of Devon and Cornwall fall outside the coverage area, too.

With the launch of three new stations broadcasting in stereo using DAB+ - Fun Kids children's radio, Magic Chilled laid back easy listening and Jazz FM, alongside a fourth, Union Jack, which launched in September 2016 playing all-Brit music, you'll need a DAB digital radio capable of receiving DAB+ stations too, otherwise you'll hear no sound when you tune in - you'll see the station's name and be able to tune to it, but experience silence through the speaker. This is because some models of DAB digital radios cannot decode stations broadcasting in DAB+. Brand new models of DAB receiver aren't necessarily DAB+ compatible, to keep costs down. These models won't display 'digital tick' approvals on the box or the DAB+ logo on the radio, and aren't capable of playing DAB+ audio data transmitted by DAB+ stations.

Sound Digital lineup of 18 stations on DAB

Above: Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio all moved to a new frequency on DAB digital radio, which means they'll be broadcast as part of a completely new bundle of stations from 29th February 2016.radionow.co.uk DAB radio retune information
Hold the Autotune button down for 3 seconds to make sure your DAB radio scans for all stations like these

Are any other stations affected?

Heat Radio, Kisstory, Panjab Radio and Sunrise Radio are all part of the second national commercial DAB radio bundle. Retune to find out if you can continue listening in your area.

Can I upgrade my DAB radio to receive DAB+ stations?

Some Pure DAB receivers can be upgraded to receive DAB+ stations using a computer and USB lead. Check out the Pure compatibility list to see if you can upgrade your radio free-of-charge.

What if I don't have a DAB radio but I want to listen to these DAB and DAB+ stations?
Take a look at our DAB Buyers' Guide and make sure the radio you choose has a 'digital tick' and/or the DAB and DAB+ logos on the box or in the description. Buying online? If a DAB receiver also receives DAB+ stations, this will be stated in the online description, or the digital radio 'tick' logo will be shown alongside or below the pictures of the receiver, on the product's webpage.

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