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Getting personal with radio - and for a lot less than you think

Gone are the days of expensive personal digital radios - now you can pick one up for under £33 and as low as £25, all designed in the UK. If you're thinking ahead for Christmas, there's a bit of a price 'war' going on at the moment, with manufacturers already competing for your pound. So don't hang around - find out what's available below.

First up, UK-based tech company Azatom's Pro Sports S1 handheld DAB radio is futureproofed with FM, DAB and DAB+ tuners, giving you the ability to listen to local and national digital radio stations in original flavour DAB as well as Magic Chilled, Union Jack, Fun Kids and Jazz FM broadcast using the more efficient DAB standard. It's worth seeking out a DAB+ compatible radio, should more stations launch using this format in the UK in the future.

The Azatom Pro Sports S1 features built-in rechargeable battery (for around 20 hours' use at normal volume levels), telescopic aerial and includes earphones (which act as the aerial when plugged in, and let you listen in stereo to stations broadcasting in stereo such as BBC Radio 6 music, Jazz FM and Classic FM). The built-in mono speaker offers flexibility when you can't plug in earphones. There are separate volume and channel selection buttons, as well as a handy key lock function to prevent you changing stations accidentally while the radio is in your pocket. The autoscan function searches out stations across all FM and DAB frequencies, storing stations in memory and displaying station names on both FM and DAB, on the radio's small but clear display. There's lifetime technical support and a 12 month warranty as a backup, should you need it. The earphones can be swapped for your own (better) pair with a standard 3.5mm jack.

Measuring 56mm wide by 23mm deep by 102mm high, the Azatom Pro Sports S1 is extremely pocketable and is available now, in a stylish charcoal finish.

Azatom Pro Sports S1 DAB pocket handheld radio

Relative newcomer Majority, another UK tech manufacturer, has a compendium of digital radios to fit your pocket - literally and financially - starting with the Petersfield at under £30. The Petersfield packs a built-in rechargeable battery (for up to 12 hours' use on a single charge). Again, the supplied stereo earphones acts as the aerial for grabbing DAB and FM stations from the airwaves, but you can use your own headphones if you prefer, provided that they have a standard 3.5mm audio jack on the end (it's rare to find headphones that don't).

Measuring about 50mm wide by 20mm deep by 90mm high, the Majority Petersfield DAB digital radio handheld is small enough to fit in your pocket.
Majority Petersfield DAB handheld radio
Majority Petersfield DAB handheld radio

Not content with one model of handheld DAB digital radio, Majority also have the Romsey - a digital radio with built-in mini speaker. Like the Petersfield above, the Romsey is designed in Cambridge, UK, with a 12 month comprehensive warranty supplied. A key lock prevents you from accidentally changing radio stations while the unit is in your pocket, while the built-in rechargable battery is good for 9-12 hours' use between charges. If you don't want to listen through the built-in mono mini speaker (the telescopic aerial pulls in stations on FM and DAB from the airwaves), simply plug in the supplied earphones and listen in stereo to stations such as BBC Radio 3, Radio 1 and Heart on this digital marvel. When plugged in, the earphones act as the aerial, but you can substitute these for your own favourite pair if you like.
Majority Romsey handheld personal DAB digital radio
Majority Romsey handheld personal DAB digital radio

Majority are really flying with their range of digital radios - the latter being the Kite (groan. Ed.) If you want to use your own AAA-size batteries, this is the Majority to go for. The Kite uses widely-available standard or rechargeable AAA-size batteries (3 of them), to give up to 6 hours' use from one set. If you carry spare batteries, you can swap them over to keep on listening when you're out and about - or try higher capacity ones to listen for longer.

The Majority Kite has a dinky backlit screen (the backlight can be turned off) giving plenty of information such as signal and battery strength, alongside DAB station information and scrolling text - and all at a very sensible price.
Majority Kite personal digital radio
Majority Kite personal DAB digital radio

Not to be outdone, stalwart UK electronics manufacturer VQ (formerly Viewquest) have their award-winning Blighty personal, handheld DAB/DAB+ radio in the mix. Good for up to 10 hours' use between charges, the VQ Blighty offers intuitive controls and a clear 1.6 inch black LCD screen, giving station information, showing a battery indicator and signal strength level. it's DAB and DAB+ compatible, meaning you'll can receive a number of additional stations in the UK broadcasting on DAB+, such as Magic Chilled, Union Jack, Fun Kids and Jazz FM. It's a little more expensive than the other handhelds on this page, but does feature DAB and DAB+.

Supplied with earphones (you can also use your own, provided they have a standard 3.5mm audio jack on the end), the Blighty is also worth serious consideration.
VQ Blighty DAB handheld radio
VQ Blighty DAB handheld radio - fits in your pocket
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