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To retune, hold the Autotune button down for 3 seconds to make sure your DAB radio scans for all new stations, or look for 'scan' in the radio's menu and push in the select button/dial for 3 seconds

Sunday, 28th February 2016 [updated April 2016]
Planet Rock and Absolute Radio 80s have moved home on DAB radio

Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio have now moved home on DAB radio, meaning that you'll need to do a retune of your DAB digital radio to continue picking them up. heat Radio, Kisstory, Sunrise Radio and Panjab Radio are also affected.

The quickest way to do a retune if your radio has a button labelled Autotune or Scan is to hold the button down for at least three seconds to make sure it scans the complete DAB waveband to find all new stations. You may find that new local stations and stations that have moved without you knowing pop up on your station list after the radio has finished tuning.

We've a list of all 45 transmitter locations giving 73 percent coverage for adults in the UK for the bundle of stations.

The stations above join eleven other services (18 in total) on channel/block 11A on digital radio as part of a new, second bundle of commercial radio stations covering around 73 percent of listeners in the UK, using a different frequency to other bundles. In the stations' previous home on Digital One's national D1 bundle, more than 95 percent of the population were covered.

Take a look at where the 45 transmitters broadcasting on channel/block 11A are located in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio can still be heard across major connurbations of England, with the exception of East Anglia, Cornwall and coastal parts of the South-East, including parts of Kent and Sussex. Some parts of Devon and North Devon fall within the revised coverage area. The bundle of stations will also broadcast across Central Scotland, parts of Northern Ireland and across South Wales and parts of North-East Wales. The coverage area includes parts of South-West Midlands including parts of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

What is DAB+? Find out in our easy-to-understand guide.How to listen to the new UK radio station Heart 80s
What is Heart 80s and how can I listen using my DAB radio?

Heart 80s is available to ninety percent of the UK population on digital radio, so if you can no longer receive Absolute 80s, give this station a whirl; try the stations below if you live in or around the broadcast area:

Remember, there are four stations broadcasting using the more efficient DAB+ standard as part of this bundle

With the launch of three new stations broadcasting in stereo using DAB+ - Fun Kids children's radio, Magic Chilled laid back easy listening and Jazz FM, alongside a fourth, Union Jack, also in stereo, which launched in September 2016, you'll need a DAB digital radio capable of receiving DAB+ stations too, otherwise you'll hear the sound of silence when you tune in - you'll see the station's name and be able to tune to it, but hear nothing through the speaker. This is because older DAB digital radios cannot decode stations broadcasting in DAB+.

You'll need to retune your DAB digital radio to determine if you can receive the above stations.

As the coverage area of the new bundle of stations will be smaller than the existing D1 commercial radio bundle, you may find you can no longer receive Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio.

Sound Digital lineup of 18 stations on DAB

Above: Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio are all moving to a new frequency on DAB, which means they'll be broadcast as part of a completely new bundle of stations from 29th February 2016.radionow.co.uk DAB radio retune information
Hold the Autotune button down for 3 seconds to make sure your DAB radio scans for all stations like these

How can I check if I can receive Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio?

You'll need to retune your DAB radio, to see if you're DAB radio's reception is good enough to receive these three stations on channel/block 11A.

What if I can no longer hear Planet Rock, Absolute Radio 80s and Premier Christian Radio?

You can consider purchasing an internet radio if you want to keep listening via your unmetered internet connection. For a handsfree, easy way of getting Planet rock, try an Amazon Echo Dot (see our review here) - a great device that doubles as a voice-controlled internet radio, at £49.99. You'll find Planet Rock on the following platforms: Sky - Channel 0110; Virgin Media - 924; FreeSat 730. Absolute 80s is on Sky - Channel 0200; Virgin Media 951; FreeSat 726. At the time of writing these two stations are not broadcasting on Freeview digital tv. You can also listen to Planet Rock via a Smartphone app or via the Radio Player [direct link to page] . Absolute Radio 80s is also available on RadioPlayer [direct link to page]. Check out Premier Christian Radio's webhelp for details of how you can continue to hear the station on Freeview Channel 725, on mediumwave and online. You can also check out apps for the above stations in the app store.Big retune from 29th February 2016

Why do I see ?zPRock ?zPlanetRock, ?AbsR80s, ?AbsR80old, ?Retune, Retune and ?Premier (or slight variations of these) in my DAB station list? What does the question mark in front of a station name mean? What does the z mean?

This is a sign you need to scroll through the station list to pick the 'new' station, as your DAB radio can no longer find them at their old home, as they've now moved to the second national commercial bundle of stations. The 'z' indicates the station's old home. You'll need to retune your DAB radio to detemine if you can receive these three stations on channel/block 11A.

Are any other stations affected?

Heat Radio, Kisstory, Panjab Radio and Sunrise Radio are all part of the new, national DAB radio bundle. These stations are being removed from local DAB radio in your area, following their broadcast as part of the new national bundle of stations - you may see the labels ?heat, ?Kisstory, ?Panjab, ?Retune, Retune or ?Sunrise, indicating that the stations have been taken off DAB in your local area. Retune to find out if you can continue listening in your area via the new national multiplex (carrier for a bundle of stations).

What if I can no longer hear Heat, Kisstory, Sunrise Radio or Panjab Radio?

You can consider buying an internet radio if you want to listen over the internet. Heat also has a online Radio Player and is on Freeview Channel 716. Kisstory, too, has an online Radio Player and can be found on Freeview Channel 714. Panjab Radio is on Sky Channel 0130. You can also search for apps for the above stations in the app store.

What if I don't have a DAB radio but I want to listen to these stations?

No problem, check out our DAB Buyers' Guide and make sure the radio you choose has a 'digital tick' and/or the DAB and DAB+ logos on the box or in the description. Buying online? If a DAB receiver also receives DAB+ stations, this will be stated in the online description, or the digital radio 'tick' logo will be shown alongside or below the pictures of the receiver, on the product's webpage.

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