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Wednesday, 6th March 2013
Three counties of Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester all to be tuned in to DAB by the end of 2013

Local DAB digital radio will be coming to Herefordshire and Worcestershire in Autumn 2013 and and Gloucestershire by the end of Summer 2013, following a revised strategy by DAB multiplex operator MuxCo.

The company is now proposing to launch different services on two separate multiplexes - one reserved for Herefordshire & Worcestershire and the other for Gloucestershire.

The multiplex for Herefordshire and Worcestershire will use channel (block) 12A when the regional services for the West Midlands cease on the same channel in August 2013. This means that an existing transmitter based at Bromsgrove can quickly be adapted to carry stations for Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Tests are likely to begin in September 2013.

Test transmissions for Gloucestershire are planned to begin in June 2013 on channel (block) 10C. Again, BBC Radio Gloucestershire will form part of the line-up alongside others listed below.

The new strategy has come about as a result of the announcement that some regional multiplexes are to close this year.

MuxCo Herefordshire & Worcestershire

  • BBC Hereford and Worcester : news, information and music

  • other stations to be announced, but to include Free Radio, Nation Radio and Sunshine Radio

MuxCo Gloucestershire

  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire : news, information and music

  • other stations to be announced, but likely to include Free Radio and Nation Radio

MuxCo won the licence to run the multiplex for Herefordshire and Worcestershire in September 2007 and Gloucestershire in January 2008. Delays due to the econimic downturn and replanning of the digital radio spectrum have all contributed to the delay in services being launched.


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