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Sunday, 15th April 2007
Second UK-wide national DAB digital radio multiplex draws two applicants

The United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man will get a brand new set of digital radio stations in 2008, following the award of a second national digital radio multiplex.

4 Digital Group, a new company of which over half is owned by TV operator Channel 4, will bring back Talk Radio and add rolling news service Sky News Radio, the local FM album format Original and a number of other children's, female-orientated and Asian services. The group is also planning to launch a number of podcasts available for download over the airwaves.

National Grid Wireless, which has recently been acquired by Macquarie UK Broadcast Ventures, a UK subsidiary of Australia-based Macquirie Bank, is proposing thirteen stations and has teamed up with the BBC to take BBC Asian Network from its own crowded multiplex.
4 Digital Group logo

4 Digital Group Limited

  • E4 Radio : youthful interactive entertainment (Channel 4 Radio Ltd)

  • Channel 4 Radio : contemporary public service speech (Channel 4 Radio Ltd)

  • Pure 4 : intelligent contemporary adult (Channel 4 Radio Ltd)

  • talkRadio : news, views and entertainment (UTV Radio (GB) Ltd)

  • Closer : female adult contemporary music, celebrity and lifestyle (Emap Digital Radio Ltd)

  • Sky News Radio : rolling news (Sky News Radio Ltd)

  • Sunrise Radio : Asian music and information (Sunrise Radio Group)

  • Virgin Radio Viva : female orientated service (SMG plc)

  • Original : album-orientated alternative music (CanWest MediaWorks UK Limited)

  • Radio Disney : children's radio (Walt Disney Company International)

National Grid Wireless logo

National Grid Wireless Limited

  • BBC Asian Network : news, current affairs and music for the Asian communities (BBC Radio)

  • 4 Radio #1 : youth entertainment station (Channel 4 Radio Ltd)

  • 4 Radio #2 : news and talk programming (Channel 4 Radio Ltd)

  • new station : easy listening, jazz, rock 'n' roll and "big band" music for the over fifties (supplier confidential)

  • Radio Luxembourg : alterative/indie music for the under thirties (CLT/Ufa)

  • Premier Christian Radio : Christian news and lifestyle programmes and uplifting music (London Christian Radio Ltd)

  • Radio Play : premium-rate phone-in quiz programmes (6 hours/day) (Somethin' Else Sound Directions Limited)

  • Fun Radio : childrens music station (Children's Radio UK Ltd)

  • Colourful : cultural news and phone-in station for the Afrocarribean community, with music (Colourful Media Limited)

  • new station : love songs for a female audience (supplier confidential)

  • new station : rolling news (supplier confidential)

  • new station : album-orientated adult contemporary music (supplier confidential)

  • new station : Asian-orientated music and news (supplier confidential)

4 Digital Group are proposing to launch the majority of its stations on DAB within twelve months of a licence award. National Grid Wireless have indicated a start date of 29th February 2008 for its DAB services. Ofcom are hoping to come to a decision as to which applicant to award the licence to by the end of July 2008.

DAB digital radio logo

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