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Tuesday, 15th October 2002
Guide to programmes and shows on MXR Digital and CE London multiplexes set to launch

The UK's first programme guide for DAB digital radio will launch on the CE Digital (London) and MXR regional DAB multiplexes.

All Capital and Chrysalis radio services will feature on the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) at launch time. All future Capital Digital and MXR multiplexes will carry the service. The CE Digital multiplexes in Birmingham and Manchester will not take the new EPG, as they are not managed by Capital Radio Group.

DAB digital radio logo by Steven Hooper                             Listeners to Capital Radio Group and Chrysalis Radio's DAB digital stations will be able to access text, graphical and interactive programme-related content, directly from any EPG-enabled DAB digital receiver, including the Psion Wavefinder. In addition to this, the EPG will provide a schedule of future programmes, enabling listeners to quickly and easily listen to or record their favourite shows. Software upgrades for a number of existing PC-based DAB digital receivers will be available free of charge shortly after launch of the service, with portable EPG-capable devices available from 2003 onwards.

No firm date has yet been set for the launch of the new service, though this is likely to be sometime next year.

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