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Monday, 28th February 2011
Marantz M-CR603 embraces DAB and internet radio

The cool-looking Marantz M-CR603 CD and network receiver packs in DAB, DAB+, FM and AM tuners and internet radio streaming into a neat and compact unit.

The display - a white on black OLED variety - is amazingly clear, while the M-CR603's fascia is kept mercifully clear of buttons, with most squirreled away to the remote control. Multi-function four-way CD and receiver controls sit either side of a very readable display.

Although the M-CR603 lacks a dedicated dock, the USB connection is made for iPod and iPhone. A hard-wired ethernet connector lets you hook the unit up to a broadband router, giving access to thousands of internet radio stations via the vTuner portal. If you'd rather, the M-CR603 caters for analogue and digital terrestrial radio listening on DAB, FM and AM stations.

There's plenty of power, too, with binding terminals for 2 sets of speakers, enabling you to switch between two sets, giving 2 x 60 Watts RMS output to get the party started. An optional bluetooth module handles playback of music files stored on a mobile 'phone through the M-CR603.

The M-CR603's measurements are 280 x 111 x 302mm and a sturdy 4.3kg. The Marantz M-CR603 is available now, with a price tag of around £450.00 excluding speakers.
Marantz CD and network receiver with DAB and DAB+

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