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Sunday, 28th February 2010
Kitsound gets you kitted out for internet and FM radio

Kitsound's first tabletop internet radio was on display for the first time at Bristol Sound and Vison.

A neat and compact player, the Kitsound internet radio is finished in a glossy black case, with a single speaker and bright white-on-blue display. Connectivity is limited to a headphone socket and line-in, requiring a wireless internet connection for listening to internet radio stations.

Alongside the company's more open-sounding twin speaker iPod dock, the single-speaker Kitsound internet radio sounded a little boxy on Kiss 101 on FM. Bass was plentiful, the Kitsound producing a warm sound, but slightly lacking in treble : the radio would sound great listening to Radios 4 or 7. Careful positioning is required to allow the rear bass port to work at its optimum, with a little room required behind the enclosure. The headphone socket enables you to connect it to your main audio system, should you so wish.

The Kitsound internet radio is available now at around GBP100.
Kitsound internet radio

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Kitsound internet radio

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