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For a huge range of own-brand and Pure, Roberts and Ruark DAB+ receivers, radios and audio systems - simply click here.
DAB tuning dial
DAB radio coverage : Phase 4 BBC transmitters and local DAB coverage improvements
BBC national (BBC Nat) or national commercial (Nat commercial) transmitters carrying Digital One's national DAB radio stations, with switch-on date:

2017 transmitters coming soon...

DAB logo

DAB retune information
Hold the Autotune button down for 3 seconds to make sure your DAB radio scans for all new stations
Is my school closed today - find out on your local radio station
Snowy weather? Find out local weather and school closures on your radio

Local radio comes into its own at this time of year: find FM and AM frequencies, check travel disruption and road closures, primary and secondary school closures, college closures and more on your local radio station - online and on your receiver

[Thurs 12 Jan 2017]

Find out where the newest DAB transmitters have been installed
In 2016, more than 230 new digi radio transmitters were switched on

From Inverness to Cornwall, hundreds of new transmitters are now carrying local and national digital radio - here's where they were powered up

[Mon 9 Jan 2017]

Why can't I tune to Planet Rock, Absolute 80s, Fun Kids, Magic Chilled or Union Jack?
No Planet Rock? The sound of silence on Jazz FM Stereo? Abs80s unreceivable? What's going on with your new DAB radio?

Find out why you can't listen to Planet Rock, Absolute 80s, Jazz FM, Fun Kids, Magic Chilled or Union Jack and how to put it right

[Weds 28 Dec 2016]

Amazon Echo Dot (second generation) hands-on review with radio and audio
Amazon Echo Dot 2 - our review & photos - a new voice for internet radio

Now with IFTTT support - combine functions to dim the lights and turn off the heating when you start your dance playlist - and things like that. We get our hands on the Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation) and review its internet radio capabilities - how does it stack up as a radio streamer and bedside alarm? Plus, personalised, spoken weather forecasts, access to your Amazon Music locker, audio books, news briefings and more... is this the future of live radio and on-demand? It may be scond generation, but are you just seconds away from listening to your favourite stations here and abroad?

[Mon 24 Oct, 25 Nov, 16 Dec 2016]

Pure have released its new range of Evoke H series DAB digital radios
Pure introduce Evoke H3, H4 and H6 range of Bluetooth-enabled DAB receivers - all futureproofed with DAB+ compatibility
What's the difference between the Evoke H2, H3, H4 and H6 models? Find out and see photos here
[Tues 22 Nov 16]


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My Music Radio logo
Lost Eagle Oldies, North Yorkshire Oldies or Pirate Oldies? Here's why

A new DAB digital radio station takes Oldies to a new era, covering Cornwall, Surrey & south London, North Yorkshire and Cambridge

[Fri 11 Nov 16]

Sony-xdr-s40dpb DAB and DAB+ portable radio receiver review
Sony XDR-S40DPB - hands-on review & photos

The model's a few years old, but DAB and DAB+ compatible, so how does the S40 stack up?

[Sat 5 Nov 16]

Goodmans Pebble DAB radio review
Goodmans Pebble DAB+ portable one year on - our review & photos

How does the Goodmans Pebble portable digital radio stand up after a full year of use? Playing it straight or straight on the bonfire? Find out its strengths and weaknesses in our review.

[Sat 5 Nov 16]

Bloomberg Radio logo
Business news station relaunches on London digital radio
Bloomberg Radio has joined DAB digital radio in London. The station broadcasts around-the-clock business news programmes, with a focus on financial news and market updates and interviews with CEOs, economists and expert analysts. Bloomberg Radio was previously available nationally on digital radio from July 2000 until December 2002.

[Mon 17 Oct 16]

Some different ways to get cheap multi-room streaming and broadcast radio and audio or music
Streaming ahead: multi-room radio and music on the cheap

Like having the same sounds around the house? Or simply want an easy way to access streaming radio over wi-fi? Look no further than our quick guide to tech available that gives you radio with the option of a multi-room experience

[Sat 22 Oct 16]

Encore DAB digital radio logo
Films and musicals get more airplay on digital radio with Encore

Find out how to tune in to a new digital station playing music from West End & Broadway shows

[Sun 23 Oct 16]

A range of affordable personal and pocket DAB digital radios
Handholding: These personal DAB digital radios are the cheapest yet

Suddenly, listening to digital radio out and about became a lot cheaper with these Autumn 2016 deals, from £22 - significantly more affordable than sets from a few years ago

[Sat 08 Oct 16]

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