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How can I improve my DAB signal / DAB reception?
1. Extend the aerial fully on your DAB radio and position it vertically
2. Try placing the radio next to a window
3. Try moving the radio to an upstairs room to compare the signal there
4. Steelwork can affect the signal, so move the radio out of a steel building!
5. Consider borrowing an external aerial (if you can) to help improve reception - or go for a loft-mounted 5/6 element design for maximum signal gain
6. Do a postcode check to determine which stations you should pick up - if the result suggests you won't be able to pick up a signal, an external aerial is unlikely to help in this situation.

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Can I pick up DAB stations from the UK in foreign countries or when I am abroad?
No, DAB radio signals do not travel that far. You will only hear stations broadcast by your destination country. Please see this article about DAB+ for more information.

See also more commonly-asked questions about DAB.

Can I submit my RSL listing to your website?
Sorry, due to pressures of time we cannot add RSL (Restricted Service Licence) radio stations.

Can I pick up DAB in my area?
Please use the postcode checker to find out. We also carry news of new transmitters on our news pages and information on future transmitters. Existing and future local DAB services can be quickly found in our radio directory.

Please contact us to report a broken audio link (note: we do not need to know about short interruptions to audio services), leave a comment about the site or provide updates for our station listings. We regret we are no longer able to answer your general queries about DAB or internet radio, due to other commitments, however we do have a DAB FAQs page, internet radio page and Buyer's Guide to help you make up your mind which model to go for. Have a look over to the left column for some of the common queries we receive.

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