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Sunday, 28th February 2010
Denon DM-37DAB micro makes even Paolo Nutini pleasing

Although it's been available for some time, this was the first opportunity I'd had to listen to Denon's DM-37DAB micro system. DAB and FM-enabled, the DM 37 handled a CD of Paulo Nutini's Sunny Side up with excitement, proving the recently-turned reggae Scotsman can be entertaining.

When teamed up with a pair of Denon's own closed-back headphones, the DM-37's energetic and lively rendition kept me hooked up.

With MP3 and WMA playback from both USB memory and CD, with a separate 3.5mm audio input for MP3 players, the Denon DM-37 offers the best of both worlds. An Ipod dock is also available as an optional extra. Its tuner picks up DAB, FM (with RDS) and AM stations, there's a pre-out for a subwoofer and both bass enhancement and separate bass/treble adjustment features. The remote control delegates important functions to the comfort of your armchair. With 2 x 30 Watts RMS the Denon DM-37 is suitable for all but the largest of rooms.

The Denon DM37's dimensions are 210 x 115 x 308mm, with the main unit weighing in at 4.3kg, and is available to buy now, with a price tag of around GBP329.00 for the receiver and speakers. The RCD-M37DAB receiver is also available separately on the same link.
Denon DM-37DAB DAB micro system with CD and USB

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