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Denon S-52 DAB / wi-fi lifestyle system

Denon S-52 DAB / wi-fi internet radio review

The Denon S-52DAB system dispenses with several boxes to fit DAB, internet radio (with or without a wireless broadband router thanks an Ethernet connection) into a neat and tidy unit.
Denon_s52-dab top view
Top view of Denon S-52 lifetsyle system

There's a dual alarm and a neat clicky scrolling wheel to scan through station lists on both DAB and internet radio. The unit arranges internet stations in many ways, including by favourites and country, whilst the 3-line display is big enough to see which station you've highlighted and which is next.

The Denon has the oh-so-necessary iPod dock; you can of course wake to the dulcet sounds from your 'pod if you wish. Connectivity-wise, there's not much to speak of around the back, with just a mono output for connection to a separate subwoofer, a remote input and individual aerial sockets for AM, FM and - unusually - DAB. I found this a bit measly, considering the price tag.
Denon_s52-dab rear view
What's 'round the back?

Testing the Denon S-52DAB was a non-starter as it didn't have a dedicated aerial attached. Happily, though, the S-52 was set up for a little delve into the internet radio airwaves.

Having so many stations to choose leads to some embarassment, as there's plenty of less-than-wonderful output to listen to. Might as well stick to Radio 1. The streaming bit-rate seemed a bit low, although this might be symptomatic of the bandwidth of the wi-fi connection in the room.
Denon_s52-dab front view
Denon S52-DAB front view

Normally, pure hi-fi listeners would scoff at tone controls, but here they would be very useful addition to reign in the bass a little and give a little more treble sparkle to internet radio stations broadcasting at low bit-rates. As it is, there is no adjustement to the sound so - out of the box - you get what you're given.

Nonetheless, the Denon is incredibly sturdy and well-finished. Clearly going for the Bose market, the Denon comes in just below the price point of the Bose DAB Wave Radio. That it provides internet radio, a CD player and DAB/FM in a single unit is all the more reason to consider it if you're on the lookout for a lifestyle system.

For: Plenty of choices for recieving your favourite station both here and abroad
Against: Few opportunities for connection to a larger system or additional speakers. No tone controls. Expensive.
Verdict: A versatile system that would benefit from tone controls
Price: GBP 399.00

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Denon S52-DAB front view
Denon S52-DAB
Denon S52-DAB view