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DAB signal booster & DAB signal amplifier advice

» Maplin Electronics sell a variety of DAB digital radio and tuner signal boosters - try items L22AG and RT70M to find high-wattage signal boosters suitable for poor/weak signal areas.

A DAB signal booster should help to improve the quality of signal reaching your radio, though they are not suitable when there is no DAB coverage in your area. If the product has an adjustable gain, it is advisable to turn the gain up only as much as is necessary as too much signal also causes problems if there is a lot of 'noise' boosted along with the actual signal.

IMPORTANT: Use QP41U (an F-connector convertor) to connect your signal booster to your DAB radio F-connector aerial input via a coaxial cable, e.g. QQ73Q
dab signal booster
DAB digital radio / tuner signal boosters

Wavefinder DAB digital radio antenna

Wavefinder antenna
Wavefinder for DAB Digital radio through your Windows 98-enabled PC
receives DAB digital radio broadcasts
Fits into a spare PCI slot on your PC's motherboard
Works best and recommended for Windows 98 Operating System
May work with Windows 2000, XP, ME Operating Systems, depending on specification
MP2 and MP3 direct-to-harddisk recording
make timed recordings or schedule recordings for the week ahead
EPG software included - other software available to drive the antenna
read our review of the Wavefinder

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