DAB and DAB+ digital radio Buyer's Guide
» Confused about which digital radio to go for? Our digital radio Buyer's Guide will recommend the right one for you - and why choosing a DAB+ compatible set is a good idea to keep your receiver futureproofed.

Recommended Internet Radios
» Not sure what internet receivers have to offer? Our informative Buyer's Guide gives internet radio best buys, tips for features to look out for and describes streaming technology.

DAB digital radio FAQs
» Read our DAB digital radio FAQs if you would like more information about DAB digital radio technology.

DAB or internet radio - what's the difference?
» DAB is radio you receive digitally through an aerial. The most stations you'll receive is around 50, all broadcast from the UK (do a postcode check to confirm).
» Internet radio is radio you stream via your broadband internet connection. As you can access stations from around the world, you'll get a chance to listen to tens of thousands of stations, catch up with shows via listen again and stream podcasts like discussion programmes and new music shows.

Different time zones across the world aren't a problem if you want to listen to a breakfast show from San Fancisco at breakfast time in the UK, as you can usually listen via catch-up streams.

Wi-fi and wired LAN internet radios

Wi-fi internet and wired LAN radios let you listen to streaming radio stations. Many have DAB, DAB+, FM and Bluetooth as standard, too. The best of all worlds for your radio fix.

Portable and carry-around DAB digital radios

Discover affordable cheap dab radios offering value for money, DAB+ compatibility and great reception. Our inexpensive picks help you avoid the tat.

portable, tabletop and kitchen DAB radios

See a range of portable & kitchen DAB radios, most with DAB+ futureproofing; many with battery operation. Have a hi-fi you like? Then simply buy a DAB adapter.

pocket, personal handheld carry-around DAB radios

Personal and handheld DAB radios that fit in your hand or your pocket, for digital radio stations on the go. You can even use them in the car.

DAB micro and lifestyle systems and separates tuners

Find out about DAB micro & lifestyle systems, many featuring Bluetooth, NFC & USB playback. Check out a separates tuner, too.

DAB and DAB+ alarm clock radio

A DAB and DAB+ alarm clock radio can wake you up in the morning to your favourite station

2016-in-car-dab-digital-radio.jpg - 7911 Bytes

Check out ideas for in-car DAB with a dedicated car DAB stereo or adaptor. Reliable DAB in your vehicle.

DAB aerial

Want to improve your DAB radio reception? A purpose-built DAB aerial should do the trick.

Splashproof DAB digital radio

If you want to take your digi radio into the bathroom, you'll need a splashproof model.

Apple iPod Touch

Classic designs, still available - the iPod Touch family range offers music, internet radio & wireless streaming.