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Portable DAB radios with FM
A Portable DAB radio is an ideal way to listen to DAB digital radio stations around the house. Many portable DAB digital radio models can be powered either from the mains or from batteries. Look out for models that are DAB+ compatible, to receive stations broadcasting in both DAB and DAB+ standards in the UK, now and in the future. DAB+ models can also receive regular DAB stations, so you know you're covered if you buy a DAB+ radio.


Roundup of our best deals and recommended DAB & internet radios

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combined DAB, DAB+ and internet radios

Cover all bases with a comprehesive receiver capable of streaming radio and playing DAB/DAB+ and FM broadcast radio from around £70.00...

Roberts Stream 93i fascia

Pure Digital DAB digital radios from under £40.00

We also list a large selection of affordable DAB radios from under £40.00...

Pure One Mini
Pure have released its new range of Evoke H series DAB digital radios
Pure introduce Evoke H3, H4 and H6 range of Bluetooth-enabled DAB receivers
With alarm, kitchen, snooze and sleep timers, this new range of DAB receivers is finished to impress

Sony-xdr-s40dpb DAB and DAB+ portable radio receiver review
Sony XDR-S40DPB - hands-on review & photos

The model's a few years old, but DAB and DAB+ compatible, so does the S40 still stack up?

Pure Elan E3 DAB digital radio now available
Pure's first sub-£50 colourscreen DAB/DAB+/FM radio launched

Elan E3 digital radio packs 2.8 inch TFT display, two alarms, headphone socket & portability

Goodmans Pebble DAB radio review
Goodmans Pebble DAB+ portable one year on - our review & photos

How does the Goodmans Pebble portable digital radio stand up after a full year of use? Find out in our review

Pure Evoke C-D6 DAB with CD player

Roberts Play 10 DAB radio

Pure Evoke C-D6 offers remote-control of DAB, DAB+ and CD
Loaded with CD player, DAB, DAB+ and FM, the C-D6 is not to be overlooked.

Roberts Radio Play 10 keeps it simple with DAB, DAB+ and FM
Back to basics with the Roberts Play 10 digital radio: direct-access presets, carry strap and more.

Pure Pop Maxi

August MB400 DAB radio

Pure Evoke D2 DAB radio

Take it to the Maxi with Pure's tabletop DAB, DAB+ and FMer
Pure radio runs on AA batteries, ditching the need for a costly battery pack.

August MB400 crams DAB, DAB+, NFC, Bluetooth & alarm clock
Cheap, stylish DAB radio can be run from batteries and mains power for true portability.

Pure Evoke D2 gives you 4 preset buttons for ease
This DAB, DAB+ and FM set offers futureproofing in a neat package.

Sony XDR-P1DBP DAB/DAB+/FM portable

Pure Evoke-C-D4

Sony XDRS60 DAB portable radio

Take away this Sony with a rechargeable battery and DAB+ capability
Small need not mean a tiny sound - the XDR-P1DBP produces a convincing sound on the move.

Pure Evoke C-D4 compact DAB/DAB+ tabletop music system
Well-rounded Evoke C-D4 tabletop audio system packs CD player and DAB+ futureproofing.

Sony XDR-S60 safeguards future with DAB and DAB+ compatibility
Portable DAB receiver offers stunning sound with bass port and simple menu system.

1byOne DAB radio
Stylish and versatile - DAB radios with DAB+ futureproofing
DAB adaptors and portables you may have missed, all with DAB+ futureproofing

Roberts Splash! DAB and FM battery operated radio
Roberts' water-resistant radio splashes down in your bathroom
Battery-operated Splash! design avoids you running for cover when the heavens open