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TEAC Ref300 Mark II hi-fi mini separates system

TEAC Reference 300 mkII DAB/CD/amplifier hi-fi mini separates system review

The primary difference between the MK I and II is a change in colour finish from champagne to a more pleasing-on-the-eye brushed satin aluminium fascias. The T-H300DABmkII tuner packs in three wavebands: DAB, FM (with RDS), FM and AM.

Displays are bright, clear and very readable from a distance, while timer functions can trigger a separate cassette deck to begin recording. The tuning/station selection dial has a sturdy action, while a press on the nearby "enter" button confirms the station to tune to. Analogue and optical digital outputs allow recordings to be made to an external device.
TEAC Reference 300 Mk II DAB hi-fi system tuner

The DAB time display can be amended at the tuner end if desired so as not to miss the start of a programme and a daily alarm can be set.

As a system, hooked up to huge JBL floorstanding loudspeakers, the Ref300mkII system produces an enormous room-filling sound - thanks to the matching A-H300mkII amp.

Personally, I thought the speakers sounded a little too brash and bright at loud volumes with CD as the source. Switching to Chill on DAB digital radio and dropping the volume to sensible levels produces much more pleasing, involving results. Bass is weighty, controlled yet plentiful, while the JBLs do a good job of creating a soundstage, even allowing for Chill's relatively low bit-rate.

The tuner and speakers are available separately, though potential buyers may well opt for an amplifier/CD/tuner combination. A matching cassette deck is also available.

Find out where to buy the TEAC Ref300 mkII DAB/CD/amplifier hi-fi mini separates system online.

For: great build quality, a complete system that includes digital radio
Against: nothing springs immediately to mind
Verdict: TEAC have tweaked the original Ref300 to offer a great-sounding system in stylish silver ally.
Price: GBP499.99

Find out where to buy the TEAC Ref300 mkII DAB/CD/amplifier hi-fi mini separates system online.


TEAC Reference 300 Mk2 Tech Spec

Specifications for the DAB tuner

Reference 300 : T-H300DABMkII : DAB/AM/FM Stereo Tuner

Key Features

DAB/AM/FM Tri-band tuner 10 DAB, 30 AM, 30
FM station memory
DAB tuning by station name
DAB/AM/FM Tri-band tuner
10 DAB, 30 AM, 30 FM station memory
DAB tuning by station name
Auto, manual and preset tuning (AM, FM)
Multi-function dot-matrix fluorescent display
RDS for Europe
Full-function remote
Frequency range: 174-240MHz (DAB Band II), 522 1620kHz (AM), 87.5-108MHz (FM)
Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (DAB)
Signal to noise ratio: 93dB (DAB), 74dB (AM),
5dB (FM mono), 60dB (FM stereo)
Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% (DAB), 1% (AM), 0.3% (FM mono), 0.5% (FM stereo)
Analogue audio output
TOS-link optical digital audio output
WxHxD: 215 x 93 x 305mm
Weight: 2.3kg

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