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TEAC Ref255 DAB/CD mini separates system

TEAC Reference 255 system with CR-H255 DAB/CD/receiver hi-fi mini system review

Teac's all-in-one Reference 255 system featuring CR-H255 CD/DAB receiver introduces a rather useful feature - the ability to save any source audio directly to a USB flash memory stick/pen drive. Most USB pen drives will do, but some MP3 players with proprietary software or that do not follow a FAT 32 file format standard will cause problems. In theory, a product like the Disgo should work, as it fits the bill as a pen drive for storing MP3 files and other data. The CR-H255 handles the flexible MP3/WMA encoding/decoding process - the pen drive stores the data.

The CR-H255 features a CD player with DAB/FM/AM receiver and no less than four stereo audio inputs - one of which is a 3.5mm input located on the front - and 2 outputs and an optical out, too . 10 DAB, 30 FM and 30AM memory presets are programmable. 'Round the back are proper 4mm binding posts, which enable you to get a good connection with the speaker cable.

The CR-H255 looks fantastic, with a TEAC branded USB pen in place and controls are logically set out, though perhaps the source select button next to the USB port could have swapped place with the record button. Still, this is a minor niggle.
teac Reference 255 DAB tuner

The volume dial feels sturdy and has a fair amount of inertia - you'd be hard-pressed to brush against this and crank the volume by mistake. Underneath, context-programmed buttons skip audio tracks and scroll through the list of DAB stations. A prominent "enter" button confirms selections.

The CR-H255 sounds superb with the optional speakers; Classic FM providing of drive and excitement in complex passages. The CR-H255 is certainly an attention-grabbing receiver for all the right reasons. That it can record any audio source onto a USB pen drive increases its functionality exponentially - now you can even record FM, not just DAB, for a repeat listen.
teac Reference 255_DAB tuner

RDS station naming is available on FM and you can also hook up 'phones using a standard 3.5mm jack. Twenty-five watts per channel are on-tap: more than enough for most listeners. A remote control completes the setup.
teac_Reference 255 hi-fi system with DAB receiver and CD

This is one neat piece of kit.

Find out where to buy the TEAC Ref255 DAB/CD/receiver hi-fi mini system (with speakers) online.

For: fantastic connectivity and recording options
Against: nothing obvious
Verdict: Now you can record FM, DAB - anything you like - onto a pen drive with ease
Price: GBP349.99

Find out where to buy the TEAC Ref255 DAB/CD/receiver hi-fi mini system (with speakers) online.


TEAC Reference 255 CR-H255 Tech Spec

Reference 255 : CR-H255 : DAB/CD Receiver With USB Port

Key Features
DAB (Band-III)/AM/FM RDS tuner
Plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 discs
MP3/WMA encoding and decoding
Plays CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 discs
25W + 25W (6 ohms, 1kHz, 0.5%THD)
MP3/WMA encoding and decoding
DAB (Band-III)/AM/FM RDS tuner
10 DAB, 30 AM, 30 FM station memory
Audio: In x 4, Out x 2
USB: x 1
Optical digital audio output
Subwoofer preout
Binding-post speaker terminals
Headphone jack
Remote control
Dimensions: 215 x 110 x 359 mm, Weight: 4.4 kg.

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