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TEAC SR-L50 DAB hi-fi tabletop system

TEAC SR-L50 DAB desktop lifestyle system with CD player review

The TEAC SR-L50 will leave quite a dent in your wallet, but it is uniquely styled, offering CD, DAB and FM in a curvy system.

The twin-speaker desktop system gives off a gentle orange glow to its underside when powered up - lit tuning and volume buttons and the orange backlit display add to the theme.
TEAC SR-L50 DAB digital radio closeup

A nice touch is the subwoofer control, mounted on one of the chromed uprights. Give the dial a turn and the floor-facing third speaker provides some extra gusto to the proceedings. The curved fascia allows the speakers to be toed outwards slightly, which improves stereo separation and gives more depth to the soundstage. It sounds slightly implausible, but it really works well.

Curiously, the station "enter" button is placed on the opposite side of the unit to the up/down tuning/station selector. It would have been more logical to place it next to the tuning control. No matter, most of the functions will be accessed from the supplied remote, anyway, but you'll want the SR-L50 in view to show off its sleek looks and "gosh" appeal.

The Teac SR-L50 has function hotkeys that provide a different function depending on the source selected. This has the advantage of reducing the button count on the fascia, but the CD eject button won't work when you're listening to the radio. Perhaps a minor niggle, but annoying nonetheless. Feed the TEAC SR-L50 CD-R or CR-RW formats as well as audio CDs and the system will happily play them all.

The TEAC did a great job of picking up all of the available DAB multiplexes in Bristol and, despite competing with several other systems destined to play at a louder level than itself, the SR-L50 turned in a good performance. The subwoofer definitely helped give music and speech more presence.

Find out where to buy the TEAC SR-L50 DAB/FM/AM/CD radio online.

For: individual looks; subwoofer
Against: pricey, idiosyncratic controls
Verdict: A stylish DAB/FM receiver with the bonus of a sub and CD player in a neat unit
Price: GBP229.00

Find out where to buy the TEAC SR-L50 DAB/FM/AM/CD radio online.


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