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Onkyo CS-220UK hi-fi system featuring DAB/FM/CD receiver with speakers

Onkyo CS-220UK DAB/CD hi-fi system review

One of the potential stars of the show, the Onkyo CR-505 DAB was sadly missing an aerial connection, so we couldn't listen to the DAB/FM tuner. If performance on CD is anything to go by, the Onkyo delivers a well-rounded performance with the supplied D-57GX speakers, which look fab with their covers off, too.

The CR-505 DAB sports CD player, amp, DAB and FM receiver in one box. The casing is all-aluminium, which helps to reduce interference from other sources such as TV and DVD players, while the horizontal-loading CD player welcomes MP3 discs as well as standard audio CDs.
Onkyo CS220-UK DAB hi fi system

Build quality is of a very high standard - controls are positive and responsive. Bass and treble can be trimmed with separate controls - the effect is subtle, but noticeable. A source direct option is available for hi-fi purists. With the equaliser bypass in place, the Onkyo gives a reliable, well-balanced performance.
Onkyo CS-220-UK fron panel

A neat push-to-enter dial flicks between CD tracks and - ahem - radio stations, when available.

A handful of other controls select between sources (3 extra stereo inputs are available) and provide menu option access. Around the back, the Onkyo CR-505 DAB is fitted with 2 stereo line-level ouputs in addition to an optical digital output. Four timer mode settings are on hand (play/record, alarm wake just the once or every day).
onkyo CS220 UK with speakers and DAB receiver tuner

Strangely, the Onkyo CS-220UK system shouts about its WRAT (wide range amplifier technology) more so than its DAB digital capabilities, but the 220 is a tuned-for-the-UK system and is shipped this way from Japan.
onkyo CS220UK CR-505DAB tuner receiver

With a power output of 25 Watts per channel and 40 presets across FM and DAB, the CS-220UK package ships with a handy remote control.

Find out where to buy the Onkyo CS-20UK hi-fi mini system (with speakers) online.

For: build quality; lovely sound; DAB tuner looks good on paper and we've no reason to doubt it
Against: ... but it would have been nice to hear it running
Verdict: A serious contender to Denon and TEAC systems - and at a great price
Price: GBP269.99

Find out where to buy the Onkyo CS-20UK hi-fi mini system (with speakers) online.


Onkyo CS-220 UK DAB hi-fi Tech Spec

Onkyo CR-505DAB CD Receiver

Amplifier Features

25 W/Ch into 4 ohms (1 kHz)
WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
High-current, low-impedance drive
Discrete output stage circuitry
Tone control (Bass/Treble)
Tone direct
3 audio inputs and 2 outputs

CD Player Features

Plays Audio CDs and MP3 CDs
Wolfson single-bit D/A converter
20-track programming
2-play modes (Random/Memory)
Repeat mode
Optical digital output

Tuner and Other Features

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) with 59 Presets
5-mode timer (Timer 1/2/3/4/Sleep)
40 FM/AM presets
Automatic FM scan tuning
Aluminium volume knob
Battery-free memory backup
Headphone jack
Aluminium front panel
RI-compatible remote control

D-S7GX 2-Way, Bass Reflex Loudspeakers

12 cm A-OMF diaphragm woofer
2.5 cm soft-dome tweeter
Aero Acoustic Drive for powerful and natural sounding bass
Magnetically shielded
4-ohm impedance
Max input power: 70 W
Frequency response: 50 Hz-35 kHz

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