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Radio-Now at Bristol Sound and Vision 2003

Sound and Vision logo

                                                           Tivoli Model Two portable radio

Tivoli Audio have been at it again. Not content with the eyebrow-raising Henry Kloss Model One FM/AM mono radio, premiered at Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2002, Tivoli has unveiled its successor, the full-stereo Model Two.

" ... Tivoli Audio have been at it again ... "

With a separate loudspeaker available for stereo sound, the Model Two receives both FM and AM broadcasts. A matching CD player and subwoofer are available as additional modules. From such a small enclosure great sound comes - the radio combo really surprises, as the full-range speakers are barely 2.5 inches in size.
Model Two radio

The Model Two will be available from the beginning of April 2003 through Ruark, the UK distributors of Tivoli products, priced at around GBP169.99.

Tivoli Model PAL portable radio
Model PAL radio

The Model PAL is an amazing little radio, supporting both AM and FM wavebands, from a box no larger than a handful of paperbacks. With the customary 2.5 inch speaker and the aerial tucked away behind the unit, the Model Pal pulls in an amazingly strong signal and bass response is very impressive from such a small unit.

Raise the telescopic aerial and the Model PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) delivers great sound. Stereo headphones can be plugged into the back of the unit and there's also a line input in case you want to play CDs through the PAL.

The main difference between this and your average tranny, is that the PAL uses the type of battery (Nickel Metal Hydride) usually found in mobile phones. This means the radio can be powered, away from the charger, for up to 20 hours.

As with many of Tivoli's products, the radio comes in garish and not-so-garish colours including red, yellow, silver and grey. The radio has quite a tactile "rubberised" finish, meaning the unit will stand up to a splash or two of water.

" ... an amazing little radio ... "

The Model PAL will be available from mid April 2003 at GBP129.99 in Earth Brown, Moonlight Grey, Spring Green, Pearl White, Sunset Red, Electric Blue, Neon Yellow and Graphite Black.

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