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Radio-Now at Bristol Sound and Vision 2003 : Evoke 2 review

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                                                           Pure Digital Evoke-2 Portable DAB digital radio

The real icing on the cake at the Bristol Sound and Vision 2003 show is the Evoke-2, Pure Digital's brand new portable DAB digital radio that answers several of the (admittedly very minor) criticisms about the Pure Evoke 1.

Bigger Brother

The Evoke 2 (Evoke-1's bigger brother) gains an extra few inches in height and width and pulls in stations on both DAB and FM, thanks to both an analogue and digital tuner, with 6 presets on both wavebands for storing favourite stations. The bonus, though, is that this radio can run on batteries, with a compartment in the back of the radio for 6 "C"-size batteries. Pure have also managed to fit two speakers into the case, giving stereo sound.
Pure Digital Evoke-2 DAB digital portable radio

The Evoke 2 employs the same, clear two line green display of the Evoke-1, giving station information via the scrolling text display, bitrate information and improved real-time signal quality indicator reading from zero to 100 percent, with a graphic to go with it. If you reposition the Evoke-2, the signal quality display updates as you move the radio.

The Evoke 2's styling looks just as retro as its little brother, while still being sensibly sized for a portable radio, and the display is just as easy to read.

With the addition of an extra speaker, the Evoke-2 lets you listen in stereo. The radio offers the best of both worlds - if you want better stereo separation (the speakers by necessity have to be placed close together) you can always plug it into your existing hi-fi setup, but you can also take the Evoke-2 out and about into the garden without needing a mains socket.

Auto Tuning is fast - really fast. In just a couple of seconds, the Evoke managed to identify all 4 multiplexes in the Bristol area.

Just like the Evoke-1, the new model is equipped with a headphone socket and line out socket, which enables the radio to be hooked up to a separate amplifier and speakers. There's also an F-connector for plugging in an external aerial.

For: Can be powered using batteries. Stereo speakers. FM waveband included. Excellent signal strength indicator.
Against: Some extra FM presets than the 6 included would have been better.

The Pure Evoke-2 radio is available now, with a price tag of around GBP159.99.
The Evoke 2 is now available to buy online, via this website.

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