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Denon D-M35DAB hi-fi system featuring DAB/FM/CD receiver and speakers

Denon DM-35DAB hi-fi system hi-fi system review

Denon's mini CD receiver system pairs the DAB-enabled RCD-M35DAB with the extraordinary SC-M73 speakers. This particular hi-fi design has evolved from the RCD-M33, which is an AM/FM-only tuner.

The RCD-M35DAB is a well-designed one-box solution incorporating DAB, FM and AM tuner and a single-tray CD player, capable of CD-R and CD-RW playback in MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. It'll also take standard audio CDs, of course.
Denon D-M35DAB system

The stout-but-incredibly-deep SC-M73 loudspeakers set this system alight. Sadly the puny aerial struggled to pick up DAB stations fully - although it did give a jolly good try in the mirth of consumer electronics all competing at the show - but switch to CD and the D-M35DAB really excels. Jack Johnson - never liked his music except in moderate portions - was given a second chance through this hi-fi system.

The speakers are of a ported design to the rear (optional bungs will reel in the bass if you so desire), with proper binding posts and a woofer-over-tweeter design. Stand them away from the wall and the SC-M73's will rebound satisfying amounts of bass - albeit controlled, not woolly, all around the room.
Denon D-M35DAB front panel

The centres of the woofers are coated in white polymer finish to contrast with the black surrounds and tweeter and the chunky veneered units look simply superb.

Jack's tracks sounded fantastic through the D-M35DAB - it was as if Jack was there in the room, giving the performance of his life while grizzly bears snap at his heels. Okay, maybe not that last part. The soundstage is impressive and the audio offers a real insight into Jack's close association with microphone and guitar. The system surely doesn't need any more bass, but the SDB (super dynamic bass) feature will oblige if you dare. Oh, and you can connect a subwoofer to a dedicated output on the back of the CD receiver. And adjust the bass and treble separately to find the optimum sound for you.

The depth of the speakers is matched only by the length of the remote control, which gives instant access to every control, plus a few more besides, found on the front of the D-M35DAB hi-fi system.

The tuner is a DAB/FM design, with FM RDS RadioText scrolled on its (slightly italicised) readable dot matrix display.

I'll take one please, Denon.

Find out where to buy the Denon D-M35DAB mini system (with speakers) online.

For: superb looks; stunning sound
Against: needs deep bookshelves for those speakers
Verdict: You'll want this M series from Denon on show
Price: GBP379.99 with speakers, GBP250.00 without

Find out where to buy the Denon D-M35DAB mini system (with speakers) online.


Denon D-M35DAB DAB system hi-fi Tech Spec

CD/DAB/RDS Tuner Amplifier
Power Amplifier
Rated Output (6 Ohm, 1 kHz) 22 W + 22 W

Source Direct switch, SDB (Super Dynamic Bass), Tone control defeat, Aluminium Frontpanel,Two line dot matrix display Aluminium Volume Control, Display Dimmer, Clock, Timer / Sleep-Timer, Remote Control RC-999 (Controls all D-M33 components)

Analogue Inputs : 2, Analogue Outputs (Tape) : 2, AC outlets (switched) : 1, Pre-amp outputs : Subwoofer, Headphone Output : (3.5 mm sockets),

CD-R / CD-RW playback / MP3 playback (Support of MP3 ID3 tags) WMA playback (Support of WMA meta tags) (including WMA9) Drive : Single disc drive, D/A-Converter : Burr Brown, Random play, Repeat Function , Programmable Playback , Optical Digital-output ,

Tuner : FM / MW, RDS / Radiotext , Station Pre-set memory : 40, Character input ,

DAB Section
DAB Band III DAB Station Pre-set memory : 60 Auto-scan tuning

Dimensions (WxHxDmm) : 210x95x328, Weight : 4.3 kg, Stand-by-Power consumption : less than 1 Watt, Aluminium Frontpanel, Available in : Silver,

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Denon RCDM35DA main unit for the DM35 DAB mini system
Denon RCDM35DA main unit for the DM-35 DAB mini system
The rear of the Denon DM-35 main unit
Denon RCDM35DA rear panel view
Denon RCDM35DAB remote control
The Denon system's remote control
Inside the Denon DM-35's main unit
Inside the Denon DM-35's main unit